Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relaxing Before The War Starts

Woke up at 10.30am and decided to skip breakfast and wait for lunch. Used the laptop till 12.30pm and finally went for lunch when everyone was back. I suggested to have lunch in the Taiwanese restaurant in Gardens.

All of us agreed so we drove there and found our way to Fong Lye. The restaurant was full and so was the waiting area. Dad went to the counter and the receptionist gave us a number. While waiting, we took the menu and looked through it.

They even served us some sour drink while we waited. About 15 minutes later, we were seated. I then ordered a Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice Set for myself and a plate of Sweet Potato Balls, Taiwan Deed Fried Chicken, Coconut Milk Toast, and a Snow Mountain for everyone to share.

Sweet Potato Balls - RM 5.30

Taiwan Coconut Milk Toast - RM 4.30

Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice - RM 19.80

Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken - RM 9.80

Taiwan Snow Mountain - RM 9.30

My chicken was good and so was the other little stuff that came with the set. Everyone loved the Deep Fried Chicken except mum. The coconut milk toast tasted just like the normal "Lai Yao Bao" but this is the bread version.

Among the appetizers, the Sweet Potato Balls were the worst. It was just tasteless and had a weird texture. The snow mountain was good though. It came with a scoop of ice cream and the ice was very thin and nice.

We took the bill and went to the cashier. Then, dad them cash as they don't accept credit card. After we paid, we went home while M went to meet up with her friends. Reached home at about 2pm and started using the laptop till 5.10pm.

The Bill - RM 124.45

Drove down to 112 for awhile to have some "tong sui". Unfortunately, the tong sui was BITTER because AP bought the wrong type of ingredients. Watched 30 minutes of TV before driving back home again.

Longan Tong Sui

Used the laptop for awhile before going to shower. At 7.30pm, everyone was back and ready to go for dinner. We then hopped into the car again and took MM along with us.

Dad then brought us to Robson Heights but the only way in was a steep flight of steps! Since it would be impossible for GM to climb it, we decided to go somewhere else.

We then ended up in a squatters stall beside the FAG church in Old Klang Road. We ordered some food which wasn't that great except for the ribs. Towards the end, dad ordered a Hokkien Fried Mee.

Specialty Taufu - Average

Fruit Sauce Ribs - Good

Yam Fried with Ribs - Okay

Fish Fried with Ginger and Onion

Plain Fried Potato Greens - Over-cooked

Hokkien Fried - Quite good but not worth the wait

To our surprise, we had to wait half an hour before it finally arrived. Previous attempts to canceled the dish were brushed off with the excuse "It's there 'mun'-ing". Dad said this is because they cook this dish with the "mun yee min" style.

Anyway, it was served and all of us tasted it. Wasn't such a big deal anyways and I would never want to wait so long just for a dish like that. Dad paid the RM 105.50 bill and all of us went back. Dropped MM home before we went to our house.

Came up to use the laptop till 11pm and started blogging till 12am. I'll have to sleep now as I have to wake up early for Ching Meng tomorrow. Bye...

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