Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kids and Babies

Woke up at 10.50am and saw AM's message saying that CM and her kids are at 112. I then changed, had a snack and some water, then went down to 112. AM and SC brought SE out which leaves DZ and DW at home.

I played with DZ till they came back. At about 12pm, SC and AM came back with SE. WM was coming so I had to park my car inside. While I was at it, I accidentally scratched my car against their auto-gate.

After parking, I went back into the house. WM and 2 kids came moments later. Around 1pm, dad brought the girls down too. Played with the kids and even used the laptop there. Had lunch around 2pm.

After Lunch Dessert - Sea Coconut

Stayed there for quite some time although the kids were sleeping around 4pm. Around 4.30pm, I followed KK, AP and WM for a snack. We wanted to have roti canai but the stall wasn't open. We then detoured to a stall that sold some Malay kuih.

All of us ordered Teh Tarik and I also had a Glutinous Rice Kuih and another Green Coconut Sugar Kuih. When we were done, KK paid and we went back to the car. Dropped AP and WM at Bata before going back to 112.

Glutinous Rice Kuih

4 Cups of Teh Tarik

Something like "Appam" with Coconut - Didn't like it

Continued using the laptop and played a little more with the kids before going home. Reached home at 6.20pm and went to shower. At 7pm, the whole family went to Queens Park for dinner. We were supposed to go to a corner shop but I asked to try a new shop instead.

So, we went to Jeffrey's. The food took quite a long time to come as they served 4 other tables before it was our turn. Overall, the food was good and the price was okay. Dad paid the RM 127.50 bill and we went off to visit DGG.

RM 00.00 for a Small Carlsberg? Cool!!

Sweet And Sour Pork - Crunchy and Good

Signature Marmite Chicken - Great

Fried Potato Greens - Bad, The Worst Dish

Claypot Taufu - They served us the wrong dish
Returned it and got this:

Taufu with Minced Meat - Good

"Salted Duck Egg" Fried with Prawn Balls - Okay, Not a Fan of Prawns

The Bill - They nearly over-charged us for the towels!!

It was already 9.40pm when we reached there. Stayed and played with XZ for about half an hour before going home. Reached home at around 10.30pm and watched some TV. Then, I came up to use the laptop to blog and facebook.

It's 12.50am now and I should be going to bed any time soon. Bye...

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