Friday, February 27, 2009

Back Home

Woke up at 8.30am and washed up. Then, I watched KR while waiting for the rest of them to wake up. At about 10.30am, everyone was dressed and ready to leave. First stop was the breeder's house and we went in to look at some dogs.

One of The Cute Sheppard Puppies

Next, we went to a nearby Bak Kut Teh shop for brunch. The waitress was kinda moody and like AL said, had a "B*tch Look". The food was good but the portion was really small. I had a plate of rice with the meat and also ordered another extra rice like AL and DY. We just poured the soup onto the rice and just eat it like that.

Wet BKT - 1.5 Serving

Dry BKT - 1.5 Serving

Dry BKT - Single Serving

Difference between 1.5 and 1 serving!

I was so full after that. We then paid RM 10 each for the RM 51.50 bill (DY and AL paid the extra RM 1.50). As we were leaving, my legs started to itch because of some unknown bug that bit me. I had at least 6 bumps on both my legs!

In the car, I told them about it and ZS said he was itchy on his arm and AL said the itch was on his *ss. Anyway, DY left us while AL drove ZS to Neway, Puchong and dropped me in MY's house. I collected my car and drove home.

Reached my house at about 1pm. Went to take a shower before using the laptop. Watched KR and facebooked. Went to pick M up from school at around 2.30pm. Then, I came back and used the laptop till 6pm.

AM called and asked if I wanted to go cycling. I agreed and immediately rode down. When I looked at my bike, I noticed it detached from the stand and was inches away from falling. I just don't understand why the person who did it can't tell me so that I'll put it back properly...

Anyway, I cycled down to meet with AM. Then, we did a big round before going back to 112. Went in to have Mango juice before going back. AP asked if I wanted to eat here so I agreed. Rode back home and relaxed for awhile before showering.

Then, I drove down with the laptop. Had dinner at 7.30pm till about 8pm. YM and I then turned on our laptops. When SC came back, I introduced SC to KR! He got hooked too and asked me to put it into his Hard disk.

At about 11pm, all of us hopped into my car and I drove to Section 17 for supper. I ordered a Zhu Cheong Fan and a Teh Tarik. AM paid for everything. When all of us were done, we went back to 112.

My dish of Zhu Cheong Fan

It was 12.05am when we arrived. Used the laptop to blog for awhile before going home. Watching American Idol now and going to sleep after it finishes. Night...

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