Friday, February 13, 2009

TV/PC Marathon

Woke up at 8.45am and went down for breakfast. Watched TV, used the laptop and watched TV again. At 12.30pm, went down to have lunch with M. Again, it was TV/PC/TV/PC till about 6pm when I went to shower.

After that, watched TV till 8pm and had dinner while watching TV. The TV marathon went on till 9pm. Mum got her claim cheque so we went out to "celebrate". LC and his friend were already at chocolate. Dad, mum, E and I then went to join them.

I ordered a "Sweet Heart" and we ordered a Valentines Special (RM 19.90) to share. For the valentines special, we have a choice of Pancake (we chose this) or Crepe. It also comes with any choice of drink plus a mini fondue. Somehow, they served us the crepe so we just accepted it.

Sweet Heart - RM 9.90

Crepe from Valentines Special

Mini Fondue from Valentines Special

The Bill (there was one more order after this) - RM 48.60

The "Sweet Heart" was actually Belgian Caramel Chocolate which was quite nice. Few of us didn't like the crepe because it had raisins and nuts inside. The mini fondue was okay but for the first time, they served HONEYDEW!

LC and his friend both ordered Shepperd's Pie but LC's one turned bad. He voiced out and got a new one. SS came when we were almost finishing. He sat down and chat for awhile before all of us left the place.

Came home and watched I Survived a Japanese Game Show, 8TV quickie and American Idol till 1.30am. Used the laptop for awhile before sleeping at 2am...

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