Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whacky Wednesday

Woke up at 7.30am to check my download. After combining them, I went back to sleep and woke up at 10am. Used the laptop till 11.20am and read newspaper till 11.40am. Quickly showered and rushed to TPM.

Managed to reach APIIT exactly at 12.15pm. Waited for AM and called YM. After picking AM and YM, we went to Good Tea for lunch. As promised, I paid for 3 bowls of Claypot Chicken Rice while AM (runner up) paid for the drinks.

Iced White Kopi - RM 1.80

Claypot Chicken Rice - RM 4.50!!

It was AM's first time eating here and said the Claypot Chicken Rice was much nicer and reasonable compared to the one in Chun Heong. But, she said that the drinks were tasteless. I drove them back and went to ENT3.

Turned on the laptop and killed 30 minutes by chatting with friends and waiting for class to start. At 1.45pm, we went in for MBUS. During the break, AC, AY, ZS and I went to McD drive thru to buy some snacks.

Mcflurry and Apple Pie - RM 6

I ordered an apple pie and a Oreo Mcflurry. Paid AC RM 6 for that. Then, we went back and ate our stuff while the class was going on. Mr Mullet allowed us to do so while we were given a topic to present in less than 18 hours!!

After eating, we started discussing about the points we are going to present tomorrow. It kinda sucks because since last week, he keeps giving us last minute work! Anyway, it wouldn't be a problem for us since we are a good team. Hehe.

Class ended at 3.45pm and we had BENV after that. Lecture went on till 5.30pm and all of us went home. Relaxed and used the laptop till 6.30pm before showering. Then, used the laptop till 7.30pm.

Went down for dinner and watched TV from 7.50pm till 9.30pm. Came back upstairs to watch Heroes on the laptop with M. It ended around 10.30pm and I started chatting, blogging and helping AC.

Before going to bed, I asked dad about Limited Liability Companies and we ended up talking quite a lot. It's kinda late now and I'm going to bed now as I have to reach APIIT at 7.30am tomorrow. Bye...

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