Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 13

Woke up at 8.40am today. After washing up, I started to blog about the previous day. At 10.30am, SS and SS came to bring GM, J and I to Petaling Street for Wan Ton Noodles. SS dropped us and went to park his car. We then ordered and ate our food.

The stall by the alley

I ordered dry wanton noodles and SS ordered an additional 2 bowls of Wanton. The noodles were very tough which gave me a hard time chewing it. Plus, the "Char Siew" was just ordinary. The best part was the Wanton, YUMMY!!

Wanton Mee - RM 3.80

Extra Bowl of Wanton - RM 3.80 for about 10 pieces!

Chrysanthemum - Didn't really taste good

SS joined us and started eating. SS and I then went to a souvenir wholesaler to look at some stuff. After that, we went back to the stall and waited for SS to drive the car over. After about 10 minutes, SS finally arrived.

We walked to the car and SS drove us home. SS and SS then came into our house for a short while before going home. Watched TV till 2.40pm. Then, AM called and asked me to go to 112 for Gin Rummy.

I cycled down and went inside. We played Gin Rummy till AM left the table. Then, the 3 of us played Mahjong. Stopped playing at 6.15pm because we had to get ready for dinner. Overall, I lost RM8.

Cycled all the way home and was panting heavily once I reached. Quickly went to shower and drove my Avanza down once I was done. Went into 112 and waited for everyone to get ready. At about 7pm, we left the house.

KK directed me to Kota Damansara which was where the restaurant was. WM and family plus CM and baby was already there. After a short while, Yee Sang was served. Before we started to "low", I helped them take a family photo.

Yee Sang

Then, we started our dinner. This "Yee Sang" was kinda funny because they replaced the crackers with the RM0.30 Tam Tam biscuit that I used to eat during my primary school days. We finished dinner close to 9pm and convoyed to YM's apartment.

Once inside, we spend about 10 minutes exploring the place. Then, AP became the dealer of Blackjack. After about 5 rounds, I won RM 1. CM suggested "In Between" and that invited more people to join.

We played till 10.20pm before leaving the place. WM and CM went home while I drove the rest of us home. We then continued playing Rummy at AP's house. As usual, AM decided to stop early and the 3 of us played Mahjong.

AP, YM and I then played till 1am before finally stopping. I lost exactly RM 1.10 that night. SO overall, I lost RM 6.90 for the whole day. Drove back home and washed up and got ready for bed.

Dad was watching Eagle Eye with the TV in my room. He then turned it off even though he was watching it half way. After he turned off the laptop and TV, I went to bed. Took me quite a while before I fell asleep...

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