Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 07

Woke up at 9am today. I then realized that all the girls had their activities. E was going to our neighbour's party at 9.30am, J was going to her friend's house and M was going to 1U with her friends.

I then washed up, changed and used the laptop. At 10.30am, Mum, Dad and I then dropped M and her friends at 1U. Then, we decided to have IKEA lunch since it was already 10.50am. Dad parked and we went upstairs.

We then found out that the breakfast ends at 11am but the hot-meals only starts at 11.30am! So, we left IKEA and went to the Curve to look for food. We ended up having donuts (Big Apple) as a snack.

6 Donuts for RM 11.50

Mum had a cup of cappuccino (comes with a free Glacier) and I bought 6 donuts. The 3 of us finished all the donuts! I had 3 and a half (2 whole and 6 quarters) donuts while Mum and Dad finished the rest.

When we were done, we went to look for the exercise ball. The shop in Curve didn't have stock. So, we walked to Ikano and looked for the fitness shop. They too didn't have stock. We then went on to Aussino to get a towel for M.

Next, we walked back to IKEA. Before going home, I bought 6 curry puffs and an Ice Cream for myself. We then went to Lucky Garden to get food for GM and mum.

Once home, I ate one curry puff. I didn't want to use the laptop so I went downstairs. Messaged YM with the intention to play mahjong. Unfortunately, she went out. I texted K but she didn't want to come over. So, I was stuck at home with nothing to do...

At about 3pm, dad brought his friend (our designer for the house) over to look at our house. After he left, I then realized he reminded me of Ramli Ibrahim. I then went back up to play some D2.

YM then called me at about 5.40pm. She asked what was the plan for tonight and I told her dad wouldn't be around. She then told me that they were going to the night market to get food for dinner and invited me to come along.

I then agreed so I drove down immediately. Once I reached 112, KK and AP said they wanted to eat "Lo Min". I agreed so the four of us went to my car and I drove to Section 17. I parked in an alley and we walked to the restaurant.

I then had a bowl of "Lo Min" to myself but gave the "extra parts" to YM and some prawns to KK. The noodles were quite good and the soup was nice too. The best part was that KK took a plate full of stuff from to Mixed Rice stall and only paid RM5!! Really cheap!

Lo Min - RM 5

After that, we walked over to buy "tong sui" but the stall wasn't open. We then went back to 112. I went home to shower while the 3 of them went to the night market to get some stuff.

Once home, it was only 7pm and dad was showering. I then waited for my turn to shower. Came out of the shower and was ready to win some money. Unfortunately, dad took my car to pack some food for the others.

I then waited for him to come back. Meanwhile, I watched tennis and bet with mum that Nadal would win. Dad came back and had to wash away the bird sh*t before I could drive the car.

I reached 112 at about 7.50pm. We then played mahjong till about 10.30pm. AP and KK wanted to go out and eat so I tagged along. They brought me into Jolly Green and we ate at a corner stall selling Malay food.

Had some "ciku" while playing Mahjong

It was like "mixed rice" style and so I took some egg and chicken. I also ordered Teh Tarik. According to KK, this place is quite well known. The egg and rice was quite good but the chicken wasn't that great.

Plate of Rice, Drumstick, Slice of Omellete - RM 6

KK paid the bill which was quite reasonable compared to other Bangsar food stalls. The 3 of us then walked back to 112. We then continued to play Mahjong till 12.40pm. Within 1 hour, we played 9 rounds! Won the last round as usual...

YM had to work and everyone was getting tired. So, I went home with an extra RM 4+ in my wallet. Once home, I asked mum who won the tennis match and she told me my RM 1 was on the table.

I quickly went downstairs to take it. Realising my good luck for today, it was already too late... I then blogged till now (1.30am) and would go to sleep after I get this done. Hopefully tomorrow my luck would still be as good. Night...

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