Thursday, February 12, 2009

End Of Week 3

Woke up at 7am today. Did some stuff before showering and got ready at 7.40am. Drove to TPM and parked at the Visitor Parking which was EMPTY. Went to class and waited for the lecturer to come. At about 8.45am, the lecturer started.

Break was at 9.50am and the 7 of us went to Pit Stop to have Nasi Lemak since some of them didn't eat breakfast and was extremely hungry. I then followed them and ordered the RM 1.50 rice. It didn't taste good at all but I still finished it.

Pit Stop Nasi Lemak - RM 1.50

We then paid and went back to class. At 10.30am, class was dismissed and we went to the lab for our IA. After 1 hour of lab, we went out for lunch. I sat in DY's new Saga which was quite nice. We then went to Endah Parade for McD.

I ordered the McValue Lunch Fillet-O-Fish and upgraded it to large. After tax and all, it costs RM 7.50 which was quite reasonable to me. The fries in this outlet was nice too since they pre-added the salt.

McValue Fillet-O-Fish - RM 7.50

After lunch, we went to buy Yogi Mixed Flavoured Ice Cream for RM 1. It was quite good but ZS didn't like it much. AC on the other hand, finished his in record time and went to buy another cone!

Yogi Mixed Flavoured - RM 1

Next, we went back to ENT3 for our IA lecture with Lili Budiman. He taught us for one hour and dismissed the class. Although he taught quite little and was quite fast, I feel that I could absorb more of what he thought compared to the other lecturers. I guess his my favourite lecturer for now!

After class, we stayed back to do some work. At about 3.35pm, we went back to the main building and used the lab to print our stuff. Then, I accompanied AC back to ENT3 to look for Mr Mullet. AC gave handed him the collected reports and came back out.

He dropped me at my car and I drove home. Once home, I sorted out some movies and renamed them. Then, I started using the laptop to facebook and blog. LC and SS came for awhile before going back.

Used the laptop till about 7.20pm and went to shower. Then, watched The Nanny till 8pm. Had dinner and used the laptop for a while. Watched Miss No Good at 8.30pm and watched American Idol at 9.30pm. Stayed downstairs and watched TV till 11pm.

Came up to use the laptop till 112.50am. Should be going to bed by now. Night...


  1. LIM!!
    Wat ur doing??
    Boycott that 'thing'...
    i know u cant make it..
    but trust me RAMLY BURGER taste better..hahaha

  2. Hey, didn't see you for a long time. Didn't even expect u to read my blog plus HAVE your OWN blog. What boycott u talking about? can't make what?

    anyway, we should meet up soon la. miss u all!!

  3. Owh, after reading ur blog, I understand what u say... hahah


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