Monday, February 9, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 15

Woke up at 9.40am and went down to eat some cupcakes for breakfast. Came up and used the laptop to blog and some facebook till 12.10pm. Went to shower and got dressed. Dad then dropped me at 112.

AM and YM bought "Char Siew" Rice for me from Nam Chuan. The meat was good and the rice was more wet than usual (which I like). Unfortunately, I was too hungry and I forgot to take a pic of it...

Since SC had to finish his work, AM, YM and I played Mahjong. We played till 3pm before we called "last game". As usual, the RM 2 rule applied. Since none of us had the ability to win that much, we ended up in a draw. Won about RM 2 in total!

Next, we packed the Mahjong, got some water, some of them changed and we left for Genting. Traffic got slow when nearing Batu Caves. After we passed it, traffic was smooth again. Finally reached Genting at 4pm and parked near the Fire Brigade.

We then went to Resort Hotel Lobby and waited for KK. When we saw him, all of us went inside the lift. Once out of the lift, XZ was there! So cute!! We then went inside KK's room for a while. Then, the decided to have Wanton Noodles at "Ho You Gei".

So, KK, AP, SC, YM, AM, GG, XZ and I walked there and found a place to sit. We ordered 3 plates and I shared with YM. The Wanton Noodles were actually quite nice. After eating, AP, KK, GG and XZ went back to the room while SC, AM, YM and I decided to walk around.

Wan Ton Noodles - RM 13

We walked till about 6pm before we went to the Coffee Bean next to the Resort Hotel Lobby. AM ordered Hot Chocolate while SC ordered a Ice Blended Black Forest. AM gave me half of her Hot Chocolate and we all agreed that all we could taste was MILK!!

Hot Chocolate - Tasteless

At about 7pm, KK, AP, GG, XZ along with DGJ and family came to meet us. AP then brought YL and CQ into the parking lot to buy some food. We waited till 7.25pm before they came back with some food.

Half a Burger

YM and I shared a burger. After that, we went to the toilet and regrouped outside Coffee Bean. We then walked up to the Highland entrance and saw AT LEAST 3000 people standing outside. Some of them decided to stay at the corner while the others (including me) followed KK to find a nicer spot.

At about 8pm, one by one, the 16 rows of crackers were lit. Right after that, there was a 15-second countdown till the fireworks show started. The beautiful and loud show went on for about 10 minutes. My favourite was the part where almost the whole sky was covered with Golden explosions!

16 rows of crackers on the poles

Immediately after it ended, we went back to look for DGG. They told us that one of the fireworks fell to the crowds and made everyone in the corner fall back 20m. AM, YM, SC and I then quickly visited the toilet for the last time. Then, we said bye to the rest and headed downhill.

It was jammed again when we reached Batu Caves. Slept a few times while in the car. SC then drove to Section 17 and we ate at the "hawker center" (where the market use to be in the morning).

Zhu Chiong Fun - RM 3.60

I took some fish balls and fishcakes and asked for 2 "Zhu Chiong Fun". SC and AM ordered that too but YM didn't want to eat anything. Next, SC dropped me home. I changed, watched some TV and went to bed at 11.30pm...

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