Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello, Mr Lili

Alarm rang at 8am and I snoozed it 5 times before finally waking up. Used the laptop to facebook and blog till 9.10am. I then went to shower and get ready for college. Left the house and drove to TPM.

Reached class just in time but the lecturer and other students only started coming in after I did. At 12.30pm, class was dismissed. We then went to the lab for our IA Lab session. Last week's "timetable clash" still wasn't solved so the class reps had to go down to the admin.

For today only, Mr Omer had to conduct 2 classes in separate classrooms in the same time slot. We showed him our HTML work one by one and were allowed to take attendance after that. At 1.30pm, we were dismissed.

8 of us then went in 2 cars. KW and I followed AL to pick MY up. We then headed to Kuchai Lama to have lunch at Jojo Little Kitchen. AC went there before and suggested I order the Traditional "Pan" Mee.

I ordered that and asked for additional minced meat. I also ordered a Honey Sea Coconut. The waitress gave quite a good service to us too. The food came quite fast also and when AL went out for awhile, the lady took the noodles back and said she will make it again when he comes back! SUPERB!!

Traditional Pan Mee + Mince Meat = RM 8.30

Honey Sea Coconut = RM 3

The Pan Mee was actually quite good too. But I was VERY full after eating all that. The only thing bad about this place was that the Sea Coconut that I ordered came with Sea Coconut juice and NOTHING ELSE!! No Sea Coconut (there was only a small HARD strip of it).

The bill - quite reasonable

After everyone was done, AC paid and we paid him back. I paid him RM 12. We then went over to the pet shop to look at some dogs. Then, we decided to go back to Sri Petaling for Chendol. Once there, I ordered my usual "Kacang+Jagung Tak Mau Pulut".

The usual dose of Chendol - Rm 1.60

This time, I couldn't finish it because I was too full! There were still 15 of stuff in the bowl when we paid and left. Dropped MY home before going back to Ent3 for class. Waited for 10 minutes before the lecturer arrived.

At 4.10pm, TAAADDAAAAAAA!! Mr Lili Budiman came in for class. He explained that he was on leave last week (so it was not his fault but the admin's). He then talked about our assignments in detail for one hour.

Class was over but we stayed and discussed about our assignment for another 10 minutes. I told them I had to wait till 6pm and so AL, AC and KW decided to keep me company till 5.30pm (what good friends).

We played "In Between" and I won about Rm 2. At 5.30pm, they left and I went to my car. Fly.fm + sounds of the rain kept me company while I played some 1-player card game. Couldn't get out of the car since it was raining.

At 6pm, I drove over to pick AM up. We then went back home. Traffic was kinda heavy but still moving. Made it home by 6.40pm. I relaxed a while before showering. Then, I continued blogging about yesterday.

Went down for dinner at 7.40pm. Then, I came up and blogged about today. Went down at 9pm to watch half of "Miss No Good". I thought Desperate Housewives 5 was next but it was Ugly Betty. Since it was on, I just decided to watch it.

After that, the real drama started. DH Season 5 was a different storyline. I enjoyed most of it but didn't like the new characters like Gabrielle's daughter. Didn't like Susan for this season too.

We watched the Quickie after the show and I'm still getting used to that Hunny Madu from Fly Fm. Anyway, came back upstairs to end this blog post. Going to bed soon. Night...

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