Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 11

Woke up by my alarm at 7am today. Turned on the laptop and left it on to download. Washed up and got dressed for college and left the house at 8am. Reached APIIT at 8.30am and saw few of them outside class.

We waited for awhile before going inside. About 10 minutes later, an Indian lady with pink shirt came in and asked us why we came to class even though Mr Sevakumar told us he would not be coming. She then told us class would be replaced during buffer week.

I was shocked by what she said! I called AC and told him about it. Once he came, the few of us went to the Admin and looked for Ms Pang. She just came into the office and we asked her about it. She then found out that Mr Ambikai was suppose to replace the class.

We then went up to 4th floor and tried to look for Mr Ambikai. Since he wasn't picking up, AC decided to ask the secretary. She told us that Ambikai was out but she saw HER (so Ambikai is a woman) eating breakfast this morning.

I then told AC that maybe the pink-shirt lady was Ambikai. AC then asked the secretary what colour shirt was Ambikai wearing. After her revelation, we knew that Ambikai was the ONE that made the announcement.

She was supposed to REPLACE OUR CLASS but that LAZY A** decided to come in for 5 seconds and dismiss everyone! How can this happen?! She should at least stay in the class for the 2 hours even if she wanted to do her work.

AC and I then went to the admin and tell them what this Watermelon did. Ms Pang then told us that if the lecturer decides to do that, she can't do anything. It was so pointless to hear her answer.

We left the admin and went back to AUD 3. We stayed there till 10.30pm playing cards. After playing for more than an hour, I walked away without losing or winning any money. Next, we went for our 1-hour IA lab session.

We were dismissed at 11.30am. All of us went into my car and AL drove it. We picked MY up and went around Sri Petaling to look for a restaurant that sells "Yee Sang". We went to the back of Sri Petaling and I spotted a "Puchong Curry Fish Head" Restaurant that sold it.

After parking, we walked inside. We ordered Yee Sang (1/2 mai) and four other dishes. The Yee Sang was quite good. All their food was quite nice too except the "Four Vegetable Kings" which we had a tough time finishing.

1/2 Mai (Regular) Yee Sang

Fried Sotong - When AC and I saw this, we both said it'll be nice and immediately took photos of it!

The bill

The bill came to a RM 131. AL paid and everyone gave him back RM 18.50. We then went back to MY's house to play 3 rounds of Mahjong since there was still time. After that, we went to ENT3 for our IA.

Lili Budiman didn't come but this time, the replacement (Mr Kalai) came in and talked about our assignments for an hour. He allowed us to go home at 2.45pm. Even after all of us left, the lecturer stayed behind! This is the total opposite of that IDIOTIC WATERMELON!!

Since we had nothing to do, we decided to go to ZS's house. First we went to pick MY up. Then, we came back to TPM and dropped AL and ZS because they went in another car. About 10 minutes later, we reached ZS's hosue.

We went in and greeted his mum. She came and chatted with us for quite a long time. After that, we decided to play cards. Won about RM 2 from blackjack and RM 3 from In-Between. We then played "Dai Dee" till 5.30pm. I lost about RM 0.40 to both of them.

After saying our goodbyes, MY, AL and I went home in my car. I then dropped both of them next to AL's car and went home. Reached home at 6pm and ate some Ice Cream. Showered and started to do my homework till I realized it was 7.40pm!!

Went down for dinner and came back up to continue my work. Smsed AM to ask her if the game is on tonight. While waiting for her reply, I went down to watch TV. During a commercial break, I took out my phone to check if anyone sent me a message. Once pressed a button on the phone, my message arrived.

YM asked me to go to 112. I quickly took my stuff and went down. YM and SC were still having dinner. I then watched TV with AP till they were done. KK then told me about the commotion when the police came to catch a burglar this morning.

At about 9.40pm, AM came home. AP and YM was ready to play Mahjong. Once I took my wallet out, I noticed that I took dad's wallet. I rushed straight back home to get my own wallet. I then came back with my own wallet.

When AM was done and I just won RM 3.50 (max), we played Gin Rummy. At 12am, we stopped the game. I lost about RM 1.90 for the night. So overall, I won about RM 3 for the day...

Before I went home, AP kept asking me to eat stuff because she was worried I was going on a diet. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. Anyway, I came up and started blogging. Did some stuff here and there and ended up blogging till 2.30am. Going to sleep now and will only post the pics tomorrow. Night...

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