Sunday, February 15, 2009

GOOD Day!!

Woke up at 10am and started using the. Before I even got the chance to blog, AP called me and said they were going to CM's house now and asked us to go down to meet them. Since I already asked GM to heat up the dumplings, I had to eat one of it.

Then, we changed and got ready. I then drove my car down with M to 112. Luckily we weren't late because AP and YM were still in their room. 10 minutes later, we went into KK's car and he brought us to Section 17 for breakfast.

M and I weren't hungry so I just ordered Iced Kopi and she ordered Barley. My "kopi" was okay but M's barley was thick and good. After that, KK drove on to CM's house. We arrived at nearly 12pm.

Ice Kopi - Not Bad

Once there, SY was teary-eyed because they were expecting SC but he didn't come. She hugged YM for about 10 minutes before starting to feel better again. Played ball, taught SY to draw smileys and did some other fun stuff.

We went home at about 2pm. KK then brought us to Chun Heong. M and I shared a Claypot Lou Shu Fan which KK recommended. The noodles was ordinary but I liked the ingredients which had a special texture.

Claypot Lou Shu Fun - Quite Good

Next, we went back to 112 to play Mahjong. M watched a movie with SC while we were at it. Today was my day as I lost about RM 15 and another RM 8.80. Just before 7pm, AP, YM, KK and I walked to Jolly Green Nasi Lemak Stall (from now on referred to as Nasi Lemak Panas).

I took a Nasi Biasa and added some Tuna Paste (looks like it) and a drumstick. Ordered a Teh Tarik too. The food was quite good but the sambal was too spicy for me that I was sweating for quite a while.

Nasi Lemak Panas - SPICY!!!

YM paid and we went back. I went home to shower and went back to 112 again at 8pm. Played till 11.45pm and ended up losing a total of RM 44.50 for the whole day. Well, take it as treating them a dinner.

Drank some water and went home. Turned on the laptop to blog about yesterday and today. Did some facebooking and helped (tried, at least) C out with her assignment while I was blogging. It's 2am now. Should sleep any moment now. Night...

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