Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid Me!!

Woke up around 9.30am and lazed in bed till 10am. I then washed up and went downstairs. Had Pringles for breakfast and used the laptop + TV till 12.30pm. Then, I packed my laptop and drove down to 112.

Waited for KK to shower before I drove us to Crystal Crown. Met up WM and LZ there before going into the buffet lunch. I took quite a lot of food and snapped some pics too. Overall, the food was okay.

Since I don't have the pictures anymore (will be explained later), I don't want to go into details. We ate till about 3pm before coming home. It was raining while going back. Parked inside 112 and went in.

Used the laptop to pass time. Tried to look for AM's arrival time but wasn't sure because nobody knew the flight code. Shut down my laptop at 5pm and wanted to sent LZ to piano lessons before going home.

Before my laptop completely shut down, WM came back and sent LZ. Anyway, I said bye to KK and AP and then went home. Used the laptop in front of the TV till 7.30pm before showering. Came down and finished watching another episode of The Nanny before having dinner.

After dinner, I used the laptop again while watching Miss No Good. Midway, DGG and family came. XZ shaved his head!! Still cute as always though. They stayed and ate some bread, watched some TV and chatted. SS dropped by too.

At about 10pm, all of them left. I then started to blog. As I marked the pictures I wanted to upload, I accidentally DELETED them!! I wanted to press cancel but the process was too fast. Once I realized I deleted them, I slapped myself (not hard enough to inflict pain though)!

It's 10.45pm now and I'll probably watch some TV before going to bed. Night...

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