Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday K!!

Woke up at 6.40am today!! Showered and got ready for college. Once I arrived, AC just parked his car. It was only 7.30pm and there were less than 10 people in APIIT. AC and I then sat there looking at our slides.

Waited for our members to come and we showed them the slides. At 8.30am, we had MBUS. The lecturer taught for the first half and then asked us to do our presentation during the next. Our team was one of the four lucky ones to get picked today.

Although we prepared for everything, the lecturer only picked random pages and chose random group members to answer some random questions. It wasn't that bad after all. At the end of the class, Mr Mullet told us that we were the best among today's groups!

After class, some of our classmates had IA lab session (which we already had on Tuesday). The rest of us then went to the lab and watched a series that AL brought. When their class was over, we regrouped and went for lunch.

All 7 of us went into my car and we went to pick MY up. Then, we drove to Citrus Park in OUG to look for food. Just like last time, we went around looking for food and still ended up in Station 1.

The menu was new and there wasn't any more sets! Since we already sat down, I just ordered a Fried Chicken Chop. Turned on the laptop and plugged in the adaptor. Did some facebooking while waiting for the food to come. AC suddenly told us his ProCom got "A". I quickly checked and found out I got "B+". I guess I have to work harder this sem!!

Fried Chicken Chop Set - RM 13.90

Bill - RM 157.65!!

Our food arrived and I ate mine. The chicken was okay and so was the corn and coleslaw. Unfortunately, the potato tasted sour as if it was spoilt. I hesitated before eating it but ZS already CLEARED all the food on his plate. I then decided to finish my food too.

After paying up, we went walking around and even visited the pet shop. Then, we drove back to Sri Petaling. We decided to have Cendol again. This time, I ordered a plain Cendol. As I took my phone out and activated the camera, the phone HANGED!! (so, no pic this time).

Went to pay for the cendol and it was only RM1. Next, we went back to ENT3 for IA class. We were 10 minutes late for Mr Lili's class but he still welcomed us. His interesting lecture went on till 3pm. He gave us a break after that.

After the break, he said that those who handed in their proposal could leave now. AC already handed in ours on Tuesday so all of us went back. Came back and used the laptop till about 5pm. Went down for ice-cream and watched some TV.

At 5.30pm, I came up to blog till 6.30pm and went to shower/get ready for dinner. Went down to get everyone moving and only left the house at 7pm. Managed to reach 105 in about 20 minutes.

Waited for LC to come home and then we went to The Club @ Bukit Utama for dinner at Super Tanker. There wasn't many tables occupied but there were still about 8. Anyway, SS did the ordering.

Tissue - Restaurant Extra Super Tanker

Meat Stall + Mirror of The Place

Some Vege - Quite Good

Venison - Deer Meat

Thai Style Deep Fried Chicken - Nice But Spicy

Salty Duck Egg Prawns - Didn't Try

Bacon and Almond Fried Cabbage - Good

Layered Beancurd - Great!

Lamb Soup - Didn't Like It

Overall, the food was quite nice and the service was okay too. The only upsetting event was that when LC, J and E asked for Fork & Spoon Sets, they served them WET PLATES!! How could they even do that??!!

After dinner, I drove the car up and picked GM and the others. Then, we drove back to 105. Stayed there for awhile before going home at about 10.15pm. Once home, I realized I didn't bring my wallet out!

Anyway, I came up to blog and use the laptop. It's 11.21pm now and I guess I'm gonna use the laptop or either go and watch some TV. Night...

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