Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 08

Woke up at about 9am today. Washed up, changed and went down to have a "char siew" pau for breakfast. Came up to use the laptop. At about 10.30am, AL smsed me and asked me to check my results.

Got "A" for QM and "B+" for CT. Used the laptop for a while more. At 11.30am, AM called me and asked me to go for lunch with them. I turned off the laptop and went to 112. At 12pm, AP, KK, AM, SC and I walked to Chun Heong.

AM and I ordered Pork Ball Noodles for lunch. When KK found out about it, he said that we should have ordered Claypot Lou Shu Fan because the food from that stall was nicer. Since we already ordered, we just went on and ate our food.

Pork Ball Kuey Teow (dry) - RM 4.50

Next, we walked to BV and bought some US Potatoes for AM's party. When we were done, we went back to 112. Everyone was busy with their own stuff until WM and LZ came. KK wanted to teach SC how to play Mahjong.

After a few rounds, SC went away and let AP and LZ play by ourselves. We played till about 6pm. Won about RM 9 for the few hours. To accommodate SC and M, we decided to play Gin Rummy. First we played with WM and when she left, YM took over.

At 6.40pm, we decided to go home because AM was expecting some guests. I came up and blogged till 7.25pm. Went for dinner at Delicious with Mum and E. We waited till 8.15pm before we got our food.

Carbonara Spaghettini - RM 22.90++

I ate my carbonara which was still within standards. Unfortunately, it was too much cream for dinner and I couldn't finish it. Mum paid at about 9pm and we left. Bumped into KK and AP and decided to give them a lift since it was raining heavily.

Once home, I showered and got dressed to go down to 112. It was already 10pm when I reached there. We played till about 11.45pm before going home. I think I lost about RM 1 or 2.

Came home just before 12am. Dad gave me my allowance (first time we're doing this) and I went upstairs for awhile. Then, dad and I burned the "kam chi" to "bai tin gung". After everything was done, I went to bed...

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