Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events

Woke up at 8.30am although the alarm only rang at 10.30am. Showered and changed to casual clothes. Had Chipsmore for breakfast. Watched Bleach 205 and Heroes S04E02. At 11am, I went to change and read some newspaper.

Drove to TPM at 11.40am and reached there at 12.10pm. AC and AL came into my car and I drove to Seri Kembangan. We wanted to go to Yoke Heng but saw a new shop and decided to eat at this new restaurant called Hoong Fook.

We went in and looked at the Menu. I ordered Fish Paste Noodles, Kaya Butter Toast and a cup of Cincau. The noodles were okay and so was the toast and cincau. After that, we paid and went to McD drivethru and bought 3 McFlurry Oreos.

Fish Paste Noodles - RM 5.80

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 1.60

Cincau - RM 1.60

Bill - RM 27.20

McFlurry Oreo - RM 4.05

Next, we went back to ENT3 for class. While waiting for the lecturer to come, we played In Between and I won RM 0.70. Class ended at 3.40pm and we played In Between again. This time I won RM 1.30. Mr Suresh then came in and we had 2 hours of class with him.

At 6pm, AC, ZS, KW, ML and I went back to TPM to the library to look for some books. It was a fruitless search and we ended up going back home at 6.30pm. When I tried to start the car, the key didn't turn.

After a few times, I called dad. His advice didn't work so I called AC for help. Tried another few times before calling dad and asked him to come over. Another few tries later I asked KW to go back on his own.

I then decided to get down the car to get some air. Suddenly, this Indian guy came and solved my problem in 3 seconds. He just turned the wheel and managed to start the car. The only thing I wonder is why did he ONLY help me AFTER staring at me for at least 10 minutes??

I was so happy that my car could turn again. I called dad and told him not to come anymore. I also called AC and told him the same. Then, I went to pick KW and AM. Dropped KW at the LRT and dropped AM home.

They said AP cooked "Yong Tau Fu" and asked me to have dinner in their house. I told them "maybe" and went home. At home, I showered and changed. I then decided to have dinner at home before going to 112.

So after dinner, I drove down and ate few pieces of Yong Tau Fu. I brought my laptop to surf the net but then AP was whining like a baby to play Mahjong so YM and I played with her. Played till 11pm and lost RM 14.50.

Came home and started blogging till 12.23am. It's late now and I have class at 8.30am tomorrow. Night...

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