Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Woke up around 9am and used the laptop till M came back. Watched TV till about 1.30pm before E came home. Mum then brought M, E and I to Baker's Cottage for lunch. M recommended me the sets.

After looking at the menu, I ordered the Gourmet Spaghetti Set. M went to order and pay. The food quite fast to come since there weren't many customers. My spaghetti didn't come with the bread as shown in the picture. I told M and somehow they heard so M's one came with 2 small pieces of bread.

The Advert - FAKE!!

The truth - Not So Good Anymore..

The price we had to pay! - RM 22

One, that was 2 small pieces of bread compared to the picture where they served 1 huge slice of garlic bread. Two, the small piece of bread wasn't even edible AT ALL!! Three, the ice lemon tea was so diluted YET sweet. Well, for RM 5.50 for spaghetti, bread and ice lemon tea it is considered good...

We finished up and waited for mum to buy 4D. Then, we went home. EVERYONE went out so I decided to go to 112. We played some Mahjong till 6pm. I won about RM 1.90 and went home to shower.

After showering, I went back down to 112 for a Homemade Valentines Dinner with AP, KK, YM and 2 kids (Their parents left them here and went for Valentines dinner). Anyway, AP made fried chicken which was quite nice.

We had dinner at about 6.45pm and finished around 7.45pm. At around 8pm, we started playing Mahjong. AP, YM and I played till about 10pm before WM and UJ came back. WM then took over AP and lost most of the games.

She and her family went home at about 11pm and AP took her seat back. We played till 12.15pm and I won RM 10.50. I then used the laptop briefly while eating some biscuits in 112. Then, I decided to go home.

M and Mum were still watching TV when I reached home. I then watched 5 minutes of it before going to bed...

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