Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Noodley Noodleh

Woke up at 8am and used the laptop till 9.10am. Showered and went to college. Reached APIIT at 10am and went to meet with ZS. AL came to join us. At 10.30am, we went to class. BENV ended at 12.20pm.

Few of us went to PitStop for snack. I ordered a Chocolate Waffle and it didn't taste good as last week! Went to the lab for our IA lab session. After class, we went out for lunch. Few of them went first while AL, ZS and I waited for MY to come pick us.

When she arrived, AL drove us to ZS's house. I went in with him to get 5 episodes of KR that we agreed. After that, we drove on to IOI for lunch. AC decided Wong Kok so we went there for lunch. I ordered a "Fu Yong Egg Noodle", "Ham French Toast" and a "Milk Tea".

Milk Tea - RM 1.80

Fu Yong Noodles - RM 10.20

Ham French Toast - RM 5.50

While waiting for the food, I used the laptop to transfer KR and also DH from ML's Hard disk. Food came quite fast. The milk tea was ordinary, the noodles tasted good and the french toast was nice too.

The Bill - RM 133.85

I paid my share of RM 24 and we left for TPM. We then went to ENT3 for our IA class. Class ended early and I went home. Before that, DY gave me a P1 Wimax to try out. Drove home and went to shower immediately.

At 5.30pm, I drove down to 112 because AM was expecting a furniture delivery at 6pm and she was home alone. Once I reached there, she told me they came at 3.45pm and she didn't open the door so she asked them to leave the furniture at the door.

So, I helped her bring the furniture inside after I parked the car. Started using the laptop till the YM and SC came home. Used most of the time rearranging my hard disk folders. At 7.30pm, they all came home and we had dinner.

Spaghetti and Mushroom Soup

AM made spaghetti and mushroom soup for dinner. After that, I watched some KR till about 9pm. Surfed the net while chatting with AM, YM and SC. Also did some blogging too. Around 10pm, I realized the VAIO has lost its sound AGAIN!! It's been a few months since this problem. Anyway, I packed and went home as it was getting late.

Watched DH on 8TV and OIAM Diaries and also SYTYCD (US) one after another. The laptop was in front of me all the time but I'm only finishing this post at 12.10am... Going to sleep soon. Night...

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