Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 09

Woke up at 8am today and went down to read newspaper. I then ate some biscuits for breakfast. At about 9.20am, I went to shower and get ready. Left the house around 9.50am and managed to reach TPM at about 10.15am.

Parked the car at Car Park E and walked to class. The class was Business Environment lectured by Suresh Kumar. He started the lesson with a small intro of himself and then ask each of us to introduce ourselves.

He gave us a break at 12pm and the few of us took the opportunity to play blackjack. Managed to win RM 2 from AL again. After the break, he gave us a brief intro on the subject before dismissing the class.

Since our lecture ended early, we went up to Pit Stop for a snack. I ordered a Chocolate Waffle but it didn't turn out so well. ZS ordered the same thing but his was much crunchier and nicer. After we were done, we paid off and went to class.

Chocolate Waffle - Rm 2.30

We were shocked to see G1 and G2 crammed into a small lab. We then managed to get a place to sit while the others stood at the back of the class. The lecturer spent about half an hour trying to solve the issue.

In the end, everyone pulled chairs from the next lab and sat all over the room. The lesson then went on for 20 minutes. After class, ZS copied "Bolt" for me when I plugged out my thumbdrive, the casing came out WITHOUT the components!

My Thumbdrive in PIECES!!

Few of them then helped me get the thumbdrive out of the CPU. We then went to Mooi Mooi for lunch. As we were late, there were not much food left. The kind boss then saved what's left of the chicken for some of us.

We brought our own water bottles down and were looking for the "B". Once we said she wasn't here, we immediately spotted her. After that, she didn't dare appear anymore. This time, she got someone else to ask us what drinks we wanted. ZS, AC and I didn't order anything while the rest ordered Herbal Tea.

My "Char Siew, Siew Yoke" Rice was quite good. They served AC "Siew Yoke and Chicken" Rice but AC didn't like "Siew Yoke". So, I exchanged some of my "Char Siew" with him. As usual, we paid RM 4.80 for our lunch.

Roasted Pork and Barbecued Pork Rice - RM 4.80

Since we had time, we went to Sri Petaling for Cendol. On the way, we saw a lady talking to 2 grass cutters who accidentally hit a rock into the lady's windscreen and SHATTERED it. Just like DY's case few months ago.

We then went on to the stall and ordered our Cendol. While parking, AC scared a little dog (was enjoying his lunch) till he went inside the drain. It was actually amazing it managed to get inside the small hole. While coming out, he was whimpering in fear because AC was there.

It was back to eating his lunch after we went to the stall. I ordered a Cendol with Kacang and Jagung. For only RM 1.60, it was quite good. The only disadvantage was that once in a while, something from the tree will drop down with the possibility of it landing in your bowl.

Cendol with Beans and Corn - RM 1.60

We left the place at 3.40pm and went to ENT3 for our IA class. While waiting for Mr Lili, they played cards while I just watched because I wasn't in the mood. At 4.40pm, the lecturer still didn't come (class ends at 5pm).

All of us then decided to go home. AC dropped me at my car before he went back. I reached home and relaxed for 5 minutes before M and J came home. Opened the door for them and went upstairs.

Since it was raining heavily and I didn't want to risk using the Internet, I decided to watch Bolt. M joined me and we watched till 7pm. My headache started to get worst so I decided to sleep...

Woke up at 8.30pm and went to shower. I then had my dinner but didn't eat much because my headache was still quite bad. At 9pm, I went down to 112 again. I went in with quite a sick look. We started playing Rummy and the pain slowly faded away.

AM got tired by 11pm so we changed the game and played 3-ka Mahjong. In the final hour, YM won 2 rounds of RM2!! In total, I lost about RM 6 that night. I then wished YM Happy Birthday since it was already 12am. So, just take the RM 6 loss as her birthday present. Haha...

Came home and started blogging till 2am. Found out from facebook that JLCS is currently "In A Relationship. Just that status had fetched her about 7 comments. Haha, I'm going to sleep now even though my class is at 1.45pm tomorrow. Night...

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