Sunday, February 22, 2009


Woke up around 9.40am. Ate some bread and biscuits for breakfast. Used the laptop till about 10.40am. YM then told me that SY and CM will be coming. I told her I'll be coming soon. Got ready and drove down to 112.

After parking, I walked to 112 and say CM and SY in the car. They were already leaving because CM had to go back and tend to her other 2 kids. Anyway, I went inside and used the laptop till about 11.40am.

AP wanted to play Mahjong so I drove up to get my wallet (which I forgot to bring along). We played on and off (while YM and I facebooked and did some other stuff) till about 3pm. Then, AP, KK, YM and I walked to Devi's Corner with our umbrellas.

It started drizzling while we walked there. Once there, we sat down and ordered our food (Teh Tarik and Roti Planta for me). The Planta was crunchy and nice! After we were done, YM paid and we walked home in the rain (lucky thing we had umbrellas).

Teh Tarik + Roti Planta

Once back in 112, YM and I used the laptop again till nearly 5pm. Then, we started playing Mahjong again when AP was ready. Played till 6.40pm and called "last round". I won with the very last card and even won RM 5.50 (after tax). Lost RM 13.20 for the whole day...

Packed my stuff and went home. Showered and got ready for dinner. Waited for J's friends to go home before we could go out. Dad then brought us to Quan's. I ordered Fish N Chips, Thousand Island Chicken and Coconut Coffee Ice Blended. The waitress took our order and left us.

First, she didn't repeat the order. Secondly, she came and told me they ran out of coconut. That's acceptable but the WORST was when I wanted to take a pic of my drink (reordered Ice Blended Lychee Watermelon), she said I wasn't allowed to take pictures here!!!!!

From then on, I HATED this place!! I apologized but still there was upsetness. Few minutes later, she came to me and told me that the Thousand Island Chicken was also unavailable. It took me a few seconds to remember I can't take pictures of it anyway so I just gave her back the menu...

Besides that, the fish I had was PINK! M's fish was also like that. Last but not least, the restaurant was full of smoke even though it was air-conditioned. Totally unhealthy for a food place!!

Dad paid and we went off. Dropped by TMC and got some stuff. Then, we went back home and I started watching TV. It's 12.25am now and I'm still blogging in front of the TV with dad. Should be sleeping after this show. Bye...

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