Thursday, February 26, 2009

In DY's House

Woke up at 7am and got ready for college. Left the house at 8am and reached TPM around 8.30am. I was lucky enough to get the visitor parking spot. Went to class and waited for the rest of them to arrive.

Class start around 9am. Then, we had a 10 minute break. After that, it was presentation time. Our group already did ours last week so it was "relax time". At the end of the first presentation by group 2 students, the put in "Thank You For Wasting Time".

The lecturer got hurt and started giving us his lecture and a long talk. He nearly gave us another small work to do but retracted it. Anyway, he let us off early and we went to the lab. While waiting for our friends, we went to the lab and watched our shows. ML and AL watched EU while ZS and I watched KR.

At 11.40am, we went to McD. We arrived and it was only 11.50am and we realized we couldn't order the Value Meal. So, we found a table and started watching KR. This time I turned on episode 1 to show AC the "coolness" of KITT.

Once it turned 12pm, the place was CROWDED with people! We continued watching and waited for the crowd to die down. Then, AC and I stayed and watched KR while the rest bought food for themselves and us.

McChicken - Good and Reasonably Priced

I ordered a McChicken Value Meal (large) for RM 7.50. It tasted quite good. Went back to ENT3 after getting our refills. We still had an hour to kill so we watched another episode of KR. Next, we had IA class with Mr Lili.

As usual, his informative class ended at 2.45pm. It was raining and AL dropped me at my car. I then drove to MY's house and waited for the rest of them to come in their cars. It rained heavily and I got quite wet.

AC, AL, ZS, DY and I then went inside MY's house and planned the next event. I then went into AC's car and the rest went in DY's car. Once outside MY's housing area, the road was FLOODED till the rim of the tire!

AC's car was shaking after passing that. We were so worried but luckily nothing happened. We went inside Endah Parade with our of main mission of playing bowling. First, we went to Yogi to get some Ice Cream. I ordered Chocolate.

Chocolate Yogi - RM 1

After eating cold stuff, I felt even hungrier. We spotted "Tat Bakery" and went in to buy some bread. I bought myself a Stick Donut (RM 1.50) and Chicken Floss Bun (RM 2.50). We ate on the way the bowling alley and I managed to finish them once we went inside.

AC, AL, ZS and I played 2 games. MY and DY stayed out. The total including shoe rental was RM 8 per person. Although it was my first time, I managed to get 2 strikes for each game (4 total).

But at some point, I hit the drain continuously for about 4 times! It was still fun though. After our game was over, we returned the shoes and went to have some Soya Bean and TauFuFar. All of them ordered stuff except me because I didn't feel like ordering anything else.

Next, AC went home while the rest of us went back to MY's house. We played some badminton outside and went in her house to rest for a while after that. At 6.30pm, we went to Sri Petaling for dinner.

AL brought us to this western place called Uncle R. He said the lamb here was nice so I tried the Classic Grilled Lamb. Since the apple juice had the large special, ZS and I shared one. The lamb was okay but there were too many bones. The garlic bread was nice though.

Uncle R Pork Free Western Food

Classic Grilled Lamb - RM 11.90

Apple Juice Extra Large - RM 5.50

We paid off and sent MY home. It rained again then. Next, ZS and AL drove to DY's house while I sat in DY's car. We went to a dog breeder's place to look at the dogs but the breeder already left. Next, we went to HX's house to collect some stuff.

Then, we went back to DY's house. Used the laptop and did some of our assignment. We then took turns showering after that. At about 11.20pm, we went out to Bukit Tinggi for supper. I just ordered a Ice Kacang while the rest ate some food.

Ice Kacang - RM 4

As we were leaving, it rained again. Came home and did some final discussion. Then, I started blogging. ZS watched KR while AC and DY watched EU. It's now 1.51am and I'll be sleeping as soon as I finish this post. Night...

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