Friday, February 20, 2009

They Left!

Woke up at 11.22am today! Mum already went to Kuching. She wasn't the only one who left KL, SC and AM went to Bangkok too. Anyway, I used the laptop till12.40pm. Had lunch with dad and J downstairs.

Then, I came back up to use the laptop. E came home around 3pm. After opening the door for her, I went to get some ice cream and waited for E. When she was done, we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua together.

It was quite a nice show actually. The movie ended around 4.30pm and I went up to use the laptop for awhile. Then, GM asked me to send her to Lee And Goh in Lucky Garden. E and I then went with her and waited there.

M called and asked me to pick her. I then went to pick her up and came back for GM. We parked our car and went to get her. Around 6pm, we reached home.

Took a stick of "Red Bean Ice Cream Potong" before coming up to use the laptop and blog. Then, went down to watch Avatar till 7.30pm. Ate dinner and dropped dad at his office. Came back just in time to watch Miss No Good.

It started raining and we couldn't watch Astro for about 10 minutes. After that, we watched the rest of Miss No Good. Then, we watched One In A Million. Towards the end, dad came home with supper!!

Chee Cheong Fun - Great Supper!!

He bought "Chee Cheong Fun" and we went to the kitchen to eat it. After eating, we went back to the living room to continue watching TV. At 11pm, we watched I Survived A Japanese Game Show.

Before it turned 12, everyone went upstairs and I was left alone. While facebooking, I found out J's BF is JTZR. Anyway, I stayed on and even watched American Idol till 1.15am. It's 1.30am now, I'll have to go to bed soon...

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