Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not The Usual Saturday

Woke up at 9.15am and checked on my download. Used the laptop for awhile before going down for breakfast. Dad heated up some SunMoulin bread for us. After that, I came up and used the laptop again.

Then, I brought it into my room and connected it to my TV. I then used it to watch Knight Rider (2008 Movie Pilot). Just like LC suggested, it was really a cool show. It ended at 12.30pm and I went down to meet SS and SS.

After everyone was ready, we went into the Avanza and dad drove us to town for lunch. We ended up eating in Yook Woo Hin (Inside Petaling Street). According to this website, it was opened since 1926 (83 years old)!!

Yook Woo Hin, Petaling Street

The first thing that impressed me was that they had a digital photo frame on the cashier displaying a picture and price of each dish int he restaurant! SS ordered Beef Noodles, House Specialty Noodles, Marmite Pork Ribs, Boxing Chicken and Fried Sui Ga0 (dumpling).

Beef Noodles - Good

House Specialty Noodles - Didn't try this

Marmite Pork Ribs - GREAT

Boxing Chicken - Good

Fried Sui Gao - Good

The food came quite fast and all the food here was good. The place was also quite pleasant and clean. Anyway, we finished our lunch around 2pm. Dad paid the Rm 99 bill and went to get the car. SS, GM and I then walked to McD to wait for him.

The "Detailed" Bill Ever!!

Reached home around 2.30pm and I came up to use the laptop. Went down for awhile again before coming back up to blog. Waited till 4pm as C already made an appointment with me all the way from Swistzy!

YM smsed and I told her I'll be down soon. After I showered, I went to 112. Chatted with C till 5.20pm because she wanted to ask about some stuff for her assignment. Then, AP, YM and I played Mahjong.

Stopped at 7.05pm and I won RM 6.60. Went back home to pick GM and the girls. Dad went for his dinner party. When we were all ready, I drove them to 105. We went in for about 5 minutes before leaving for dinner.

SS brought us to Chan Kee for dinner. The food was nice and quite reasonably price too (RM 70++). After dinner, SS drove back and I expected to go in for awhile. GM then said she wanted to go home so we had to follow her.

Once home, I watched some TV and ended up using the laptop in front of the TV. Watched some programs till 12.45am. Came up to blog a little more till now. Should be sleeping any minute now. Night...

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