Sunday, February 8, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 14

Woke up at 9.40am and washed up. Used the laptop till GM called me down to help her burn "gam zhi". After that, I used the laptop till about 11.30pm. Then, I went down and ate Ice Cream for my lunch.

At about 12.20pm, SC, AM and YM came to pick me up. I went in the car and SC drove to CM's house. We sat around playing with her cute baby and kids. After about an hour, we left the place. We then we straight to 1Utama.

SC and I went to Eneos while AM and YM shopped in Jusco. About 40 minutes later, they came to look for us. We then paid up and went back to 112. Played some Gin Rummy and Mahjong. Lost about RM 5 there.

At about 6.45pm, we decided to go for Hokkien Fried at Jalan 222. I drove them there and we ordered 3 person portion of Hokkien Fried while AM ordered duck rice. The Hokkien Fried came with mixed noodles (the usual noodles + bee hun which we didn't order). We still accepted it because we didn't want to wait anymore.

Hokkien Fried Noodles + Bee Hun : RM 18

The noodles didn't impress me although they used charcoal to fry it. Plus, they charged RM 6 per portion which is too expensive for the lousy service if you ask me. Some of us weren't full yet so we ordered another portion. AM ordered 2 "Tauhu Bakar" for everyone to share.

Tauhu Bakar : RM 3 (RM 1.50 each)

Few minutes later, the noodles arrived with still a little amount of Bee Hun stuck to it. From then, I didn't like their attitude and service. The "Tauhu Bakar" was very crunchy and nice though.

After dinner, I dropped them back at 112. I went home and showered and went back there. Watched some TV before starting to play Rummy. After few rounds, we played Mahjong. This night was the best night ever because most of our games ended with either one of us winning the max (RM2 in most cases).

Towards the end, my luck came. I won quite a number of times! Unfortunately for AM, luck was against her. At about 12.45am (way pass AM's bedtime), AM said she was tired. I then announced "last game".

The 2 sisters then said we had to eat the MAX for the last game or we can't win. I got myself some good cards and won RM 4! Throughout the whole day, I only won about RM 2-3. The true winner was the Tax Box which is going to fund their conventional oven.

We chatted about prosperity burger and one thing led to another. We ended up going to Mahbub for supper. AM, YM and SC shared 2 plates of Nasi Lemak Kerang while I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik.

Teh Tarik + Roti Planta (worst ever)

The planta was BAD!! It was so tough even though they the guy made it on the spot. Forced myself to finish that. The teh tarik was okay though. At about 1.40am, I dropped the 3 of them home and went home myself.

Dad was still watching TV and mum was still reading. After changing into pyjamas, got my water and brushed my teeth, I went to bed. Couldn't fall asleep so I turned on the air-cond and set it to 1 hour. Slept soundly and even dreamt about Mahjong...

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