Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 10

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop to facebook and watch 2 episodes of Bleach. Showered and got ready for college by 11.20am. I then drove to TPM and parked. Waited for AL and MY to arrive. Then, we went to pick ZS up from his house.

When he came in the car, he passed AL and I an "ang pau" each. ZS then led the way to Pu Yuan which is in Puchong. We managed to get there and went inside the restaurant. It was slightly classy and had air-cond.

We ordered Sweet Potato Noodles (Shu Fan), Ginkgo Nut Noodles (Chau Bak Go), Cantonese Style Mi Hun and a plate of Sweet Potato Shoots (Shu Miew). We ordered a pot of "Tit Guan Yin". The food was quite good and I was so full after that.

Sweet Potato Noodles (M) - RM 12

Ginkgo Nut Noodles (M) - RM 12

Cantonese Style Mi Hun (M) - RM 10

RM 47 Bill + RM 1 Tips

We each paid Rm 12 to AL who paid the total bill of RM 47. The extra RM 1 was given as tips to the waiter. AL then drove back to TPM. MY dropped all of us in ENT3 before going home.

This time, Mr Sevakumar didn't turn up for the whole 2 hours. In that time, we gambled and I lost about RM 8 or 9. At 4.10pm, Mr Suresh Kumar came in and our Business Environment lecturer begun.

At 5.40pm, the class was dismissed. ZS and I followed AC to the Admin to check on our "missing" lecturers. We tried to get them to tell us who is going to replace tomorrow's lesson too. In the end, the admin told us to come to class tomorrow first and only go to them if the lecturer didn't turn up...

AC then dropped me at my car. The traffic got heavy coming into MV. I don't know why but somehow it was jammed. Luckily, I kept to the left side of the road and got out of the jam in 10 minutes.

Once home, I took my shower and started doing my homework. Went down at 7pm to watch The Nanny till 7.30pm before having dinner. After that, I came up and continued with my work.

At 8pm, we were summoned to 97 because dad bought "Yee Sang".GG and PP were going back to Kuching tomorrow so we took this opportunity to see them as they are only coming back next month.

After the "lou sang" session, I just lazed around waiting for time to pass as I physically accompanied them. I didn't really get it because the girls were doing their homework... Finally at 10.30pm, all of us went home.

I came up to blog and do some stuff on facebook. It's 5 minutes to 12am now and I better upload the pics and go to sleep. Class is at 8.30am tomorrow!! Gotta wake up early. Night...

**AM saw this post and reported to Julee, who reported this to Mr ANTHONY!! We're gonna have to see that guy soon. Someone's getting in trouble!**

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