Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Stuff

Woke up at 8am and started to blog about yesterday. Went to shower at around 9.30am before going to college. Arrived at TPM at 10.20am and was still early for our 10.35am class. Mr Goofy came in and we had BENV till 12.30pm.

Next, we went to the lab for IA. This time, Mr Omer came and divided the class and told us that we only have one lab session a week. Half the class went out while the rest had lessons for an hour. Then, our friends came back in and we went for lunch.

Picked MY up and went to Good Tea. Once we arrived, we decided to try Fatty Mixed Rice. The food looked quite nice so we gave it a try. I was shocked when my food was charged RM 6. DY was the worst because his food alone was RM 8.80!!

Fatty Mixed Rice - Worst Dish In Sri Petaling

It would still be reasonable if the food was nice. Unfortunately, it tasted SO BAD and there were also HUGE FLIES flying around!! All of us was so unhappy and poor KW had to force himself to eat slowly. So, this is the first and last time here...

On the way back, we decided to have cendol. Once there, nobody felt like ordering and so we went back to TPM. Since we still had an hour, we used our laptops and played some cards (I watched).

At 4pm, we went in for class. Mr Lili did some simply explanation about web hosting and gave us some tasks. Right after he ended the lecture, it started to rain!! Before I even got onto AC's car, I got wet. When going down to my car, it rained so heavily and that SOAKED me!

Driving home in TPM was a danger too because I couldn't see the bumps and the road ahead was too blurry. Once out in the highway, it was better. Managed to get home safely in one piece...

Quickly went to the toilet and showered. Came down and watched Amazing Race Asia till 6pm. Then, I came up to blog and took 15 minutes off to bring GM to collect some stuff from her friend.

Once back, I came up to continue blogging. Suddenly spotted HSDPA logo on my phone! I was excited because usually in Bangsar you can't even detect 3G and now there is 3.5G!! I tested it by calling YM. It was a success, COOL!! Bangsar is finally IN again!

Used the laptop till 7.15pm before packing and going off to 112. Watched TV with YM while AM prepared dinner. She used the ingredients to make the spaghetti for dinner. Dinner started at 8pm.

Homemade Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti

Dinner was okay. After that, I used the laptop and blogged while they showered and cleaned up. Suddenly, MM came down with mum, dad and M. She came to get witness of her writing her will...

SS came to visit too. At about 10pm, all of them went back. YM and I continued facebooking and chatting till about 11pm. AM who wasn't satisfied of last night's results called for a rematch. So, we played till 12.10am.

In the end, I fell behind by 290 points and will be the one to pay for Claypot Lunch tomorrow! Argh!! Blogging in their house now before going home. Bye...

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