Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Sneak Preview @ Starbucks

Woke up at 11.15am today and used the laptop. Was looking at some FB updates when I suddenly spotted something. It was an invite to the Summer Sneak Preview in several Starbucks outlet. And the deadline to confirm our attendance was 2pm today.

 Starbucks Announcement on FB

Quickly told mum about it. Then, both of us emailed them to register. Went downstairs to eat some snacks for brunch. Then, I worked on my assignment.

After that, I clicked on my Blogger Dashboard and saw a pop-up. They launched a new "Template Editor" and asked us to try it out. So, I played with it a little and decided to change my blog template. It was fun and easy to modify all these things. Like my new layout?

Editing my new layout

At about 2.30pm, I went downstairs to have lunch. Later, I came up and watched 2 episodes of TMOL (The Mystery of Love). This crime drama seems interesting. Quite predictable at times too though...

Then at 5.45pm, I had a cup of ice cream! Hazelnut by Cremeria, totally delicious!! Took a shower and got dressed. Mum and I then drove over to Gardens.

We arrived at 6.45pm and were the first ones to be there. Mr Ang (District Coffee Master) was there again. He then showed us some merchandise. At about 7pm, there was about 10 people here. We waited another 15 minutes for the others to arrive.

 Tanzania Coffee, Registration List

Then at 7.15pm, we started the session by introducing ourselves. Each of us turned around and told everyone our name, and our favorite drink from Starbucks. After that, we tasted the Tanzania coffee. This one was lighter than the Sumatra series.

The coffee was served in mini ceramic mugs. Some of them asked if we could take it back, and Mr Ang said no. Haha. Also, we did not have any cakes to go with the coffee. Boo...

Tanzania Coffee in a Mini-mug

This time, instead of coffee, they let us sample the promotional drinks. For cold drinks, we do not need the four steps. So, we just drank from the straw. The first one was a Lemon and Mint Cold Drink. It was really sour but it had a tinge of mint. Quite an interesting combination.

Lemon and Mint Drink

Up next, was the a pink drink. Everyone was guessing what it was. Grape, Pink Guava, Lychee, Grapefruit and other answers were all wrong. Five minutes later, Mr Ang revealed that it was Lemon and Hibiscus Flower. Liked this one much better than the previous one. Not so sour. :D

Lemon and Hibiscus Flower Drink

After the drink tasting, he introduced the upcoming merchandizes that will be for sale next Tuesday (15 June). All of them were "African" Themed. Mum liked the giraffe one while I preferred the Hologram one.

We passed the tumblers around so that everyone had a chance to see it. After everyone had touched and looked at all the tumblers, Mr Ang showed us the ceramic mugs. He didn't let us touch that because it was fragile.

Later, there was a short Question and Answer session. Today's questions was about the tumblers which I didn't find interesting. Boring! After that, he thanked us for coming and bid everyone (18 of us) goodbye.

Mum and I then went off. We stopped at Austin Chase to buy a piece of Tiramisu. It is now RM12.90 compared to last November. Drove back home and got home by 8pm.

Used the laptop till it was 8.30pm. Then, I went downstairs to have dinner (cleared all the leftovers). Then at 9pm, I drove mum, M, MM and AC to Bangsar Village. We then went to Starbucks for a drink.

The mall was so empty and there was only one customer in Starbucks. I shared half a Venti Mocha Frappe with mum and another half Venti Chocolate Cream Chip with AC. Stayed there chatting till about 10.30pm.

Empty Starbucks

My drinks

We then drove to McD. Mum bought supper for J who was hungry. Got home after that and came up to continue writing this post. Tried the new post editor (not really new) and didn't like it. So, I'm gonna change back to the old one.

 New Interface

Unfriendly picture uploading...

Anyway, it's 11.30pm already and I shall end this post now. Goodnight everyone, enjoy your weekend. :)

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