Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clearing Rubbish

Woke up at about 10.30am and used the laptop. Watched MOL and later I watched Bounty Hunter. Then, I went downstairs for lunch. After lunch, I came up to watch the final episode of MOL.

Went downstairs for some ice cream. While eating, GM told me to throw what I don't need in my room. So, I came upstairs and spent about 3 hours sorting out my thrash. Then, I piled all my recyclable thrash at the front door.


There is a HUGE amount of paper in the pile because I decided that I'm not gonna be needing my previous test papers and notes (from Form1 till Form5). Also, my exercise books were put in that pile because obviously my sisters wouldn't bother looking at my work.

Other stuff in the pile include, empty boxes, random plastics, and random stuff like cassettes and driver installation CDs. The empty boxes are very good for gift wrapping. So if anybody wants them, I can give it to u. :)

Was really tired after I was done. Took my shower and played eRO for a while. Then, we went to pick M from Astaka Field. While on the Federal Highway, we saw this "Mister Potato Rice Crisps" advertisement. Smart!

Advertising IN a lorry!

Later, we went to Tien Yuan Cafe in PJ for vegetarian dinner. I ordered their Cream Pasta which was suppose to be like Carbonara. I didn't really like it because it didn't taste good. Also, it did not have any fake meat, the only other ingredient there was mushrooms. Ripoff!

Cream Pasta - RM 9.50

Anyway, the night wasn't that bad because we went to A&W afterwards. There, I had a Waffle with Double Scoop of Ice Cream to MYSELF! :D

Waffle with Double Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream - RM 6.70

Bear Essentials - RM 5.50

When we were done, we stopped by TMC for dad to get some milk. Then, M drove us back home.

Came upstairs to write this post. It's 10.30pm now and I shall end this post. Bye.

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