Sunday, June 20, 2010

How I Spent Fathers Day

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till it was 11.30am. Then, I waited till the rest got ready before we drove to Gardens for lunch. Mum brought us to Sushi Zanmai. Dad wasn't back from BISDS yet.

There was a long queue so we made our mother wait in line. Meanwhile we went to Borders to look at some books. About 15 minutes later, we went back to the restaurant and waited another 5 minutes before we were seated.

Ordered some food from the menu. While waiting for the food to arrive, we took some sushi off the conveyor belt. About half an hour later, our food finally came. We managed to finish all our food EXCEPT the rice.

Cucumber Maki - RM 1.80

Taufu Maki - RM 1.80

Egg Maki - RM 2.80

Unagi Maki - RM 3.80

Unagi Handroll - RM 3.80

Mayo, Taufu Maki - RM 4.80

Chawanmushi - RM 4.80

Soft Shell Crab Handroll - RM 4.80 (each)

Fish Egg Maki - RM 6.80

Soft Shell Crab - RM 10.80

Niku Ramen (S) - RM 10.80

Unadon (S) - RM 15.80

Unatama Don - RM 15.80

Later, mum paid the bill and went to Borders to buy E a book. Then, we went over to Giordano. M wanted to buy a hoodie but it wasn't on sale anymore. So, we went back to Gardens where we had 2 junior scoops of ice cream from some voucher that mum had.

Mint Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce

Right after we finished, we quickly went back home. This is because one of the TM technicians would be coming at 2pm. Got home by 2pm and waited for the technician. Moments later, he came to our house.

After explaining to him what the OTHER technician ALREADY figured out, he decided to take a look at it himself. He then agreed that there is only one phone line coming into our house. So, he agreed to come tomorrow and fix our other line. :)

Skyped and used the laptop for a while. Then, I saw this weird "Ant-Bee" flying in my room AGAIN! It has been coming to my table for almost 2 weeks. And I finally decided to stop letting it roam free and show him who is BOSS.

So, the next time it stopped by it's "Favourite Hole" on my table, I took a cup, and TRAPPED it. Then, I wrapped paper at the neck of the cup to prevent it from flying out. Since I did not want to kill it, I also got M to poke some holes inside.

Stupid Bug

It's favourite HOLE!

Bug in the JAR! Wakakaka!

Tried taking some pictures but it moved too fast for me to get a clear shot. So, I decided to take a video. May I remind you that it is FREAKISHLY HUGE and DISGUSTING!

Anyway, watched 3 episodes of MOL till it was 6.30pm. We then took turns to shower. At about 7.30pm, we drove out for dinner. I brought the bug along. Stopped at a Japanese Restaurant but decided not to eat there. So, I released the bug there.

Then, we drove around Damansara Utama till we passed by WonderMilk. We then stopped and decided to go in. After 2 minutes, I realized, this is the famous cup cake shop. Not a restaurant. Sigh.

Wondermilk, DU



Wall Deco

Anyway, they had some sandwich and hotdogs so we decided to settle here. On the chalkboard-menu, I saw "Pink Flamingo". Since it was priced at RM 8.90, I thought, why not give it a try.

Pink Flamingo - RM 8.90

And when they filled it with lots of ice, I already regretted it. Next, I took a sip and realized WHAT THE F*CK!!!! it was SIRAP BANDUNG! This is the MOST EXPENSIVE SIRAP BANDUNG EVER!!! NEVER NEVER BUY THAT AGAIN!!

Vanilla Milk - RM 6.00

Table Sign

Hot Diggity Dog - RM 5.90

Sloppy Hot Dog - RM 6.90

Tuna Melt Sandwich - RM 6.90

Beef Rasher Sandwich - RM 6.90

Mr Beefsteak Sandwich - RM 8.90

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - RM 12.90

Turkey and Cheese Baked Potato - RM 7.90

Also, most of the food we ordered came with chips. This chips were half SOFT! Some of it was still tasty though. And to be fair, the food here is quite good. But if you ask me, I wouldn't like to come here in the near future.

After dinner, we went to the 100Yen store. There, we ordered 3 types of Snow Ice. Mango, Lychee, and Coffee. All of them were very delicious. Price was a little expensive though. Later, we drove home...

Mango - RM 4.90

Lychee - RM 4.90

Coffee - RM 4.90

Back home, I used the laptop and blogged till now. It's 11pm already and I shall end this post here. Gonna watch an episode of MOL before going to bed. Night. :)

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