Friday, June 25, 2010

Productive Day at Starbucks with AC

M woke me up again at about 7am. Washed up before sitting in the car till we reached SMKBB. Then, they went to school and I drove home. Took a short nap before waking up at about 8.30am.

Showered, packed my stuff and waited for AC to pick me up. He was later than expected. Anyway, he picked me up at 9.20am and we decided to go to Gardens. We got there very early. Even the toilets weren't open.

Fortunately, Starbucks already had a few customers. Bought a drink to share with AC. Then, we settled down in a corner. We stayed there working on our assignment till about 1pm. Took a toilet break. When I came back, I saw my friend K, which I haven't seen for about 4 years.

Caramel Frappuccino (venti) - RM 11.50

We continued till about 5.30pm. It was a GREAT feeling because we managed to finish 80% of the assignment. AC and I then went to Delicious to celebrate our day's success. We ordered the Classic Chocolate Cake and a Blackberry Apple Crumble.

Blackberry Apple Crumble - RM 10.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

Can you see the yellow layer?

The service was bad and so was the cake. They overheated it which caused a layer of yellow syrup to form around the cake. It was still quite nice though. Apple Crumble was nice too. I took the ice cream away so that we could it it with the chocolate cake. Very good idea. =P

Later, AC paid the bill and we went back home. Thanks AC!! He then dropped me back home and went back to his house.

Once I got back, I was told that GM didn't cook. Didn't matter to me since I was still full from dessert. Watched 2 episodes of TMOL before unintentionally taking a nice nap. Woke up and realized it was 9.30pm.

Now that I mentioned, I actually did not have breakfast, lunch AND even dinner. Since I didn't eat much, I decided to treat myself to ICE CREAM! Watched some TV before coming back up.

Wrote this post and chatted with some people till now. It's 11pm now. I'll end this post and go shower now. Bye!


  1. ZH do we still get discount if we bring our own starbucks tumbler? didnt go there for quite a long time and the apple crumble is sooo tempting!!

  2. @ajjah Yes you do. :) Apple crumble was good too! :P


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