Saturday, June 5, 2010

When My Parents Are Away, I...

...wake up at 10.30am. And immediately after that, E tells me she needs transport to art class. Washed up and got dressed before driving her to her school in Brickfields. By the time I got back, it was already 11.15am.

Used the laptop for another hour before I drove there again to pick her up. From there, we went to our favourite (not anymore) restaurant, Fish and Co in BV. After that experience, I CROSSED OFF FISH AND CO FROM MY LIST.

After that, we walked to Bisou and bought 2 cupcakes. I bought the Nutella for myself and Vanilla Garden for E. Brought it home and was happily munching away. :D

Bisou (bijoux group)

Nutella (Chocolate Cake with Nutella) - RM 5.00

Vanilla Garden (Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting) - RM 5.00

Used the laptop till about 7pm. Then, I took my shower and drove everyone to 105. Once there, SS drove us to Murni, Ara Damansara. I ordered Roti Hawaii and "I Love You". Dinner was okay.

Roti Hawaii - RM 5.00

I Love You - RM 5.00

Later, we went back to 105 where K, M and I played few rounds of Mahjong. Stopped at 11pm and drove back home. Once back, I used the computer to chat till now.

It's 1.13am and I shall end the post now. Goodnight.

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