Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cousin Time turned Food Trip

J woke me up at 10.15am and I quickly showered. C and K were already in our house. Then, we drove to Gardens. Since there was 5 of us, I drove their MyVi. Parked at Gardens and went up to RedBox.

Once there, I realized that I have a RedBox voucher in MY CAR which I didn't drive here. Wasted! Anyway, we waited in line till it was our turn. Then, we registered and went into our room.

The waiter came in and took our orders. I asked for Milk Tea and Lamb Chop. When the food arrived, they gave me Fork and Spoon instead of Fork and Knife.

Milk Tea

Lamb Chop

I called the reception, then asked another waiter. I had to call the reception AGAIN before they brought me a Knife. Super BAD SERVICE!!

Also, the food wasn't even good. C did not like her Miso Noodles and my Lamb was tough and all bones. Urgh! Better not come here anymore. Maybe go to the Curve or Pyramid.

We had a fun time singing for 3 hours. Then at 2pm, we had to stop. Walked around the mall and bought pretzels from Auntie Anne's. After that, we went to Goong Woh Tong for some Herbal Jelly.

Herbal Jelly (large) - RM 10.00 each

Then, we went to the Toy Story roadshow to look around. After that, we walked to Carrefour and shopped around. Didn't buy anything there because we decided to visit Jusco. Ended up buying some baking ingredients there.

Later, we passed by McD and J bought Ice Cream. Walked on. Moments later, C stopped to buy scones from Lavender. We then went to Nelson where K and M bought Chocolate Waffles. I'm the only one that didn't eat. :)

I then asked them if they were game for Snowflake. They asked me to decide. So, we got into the car and drove to SS15. Arrived there half an hour later. We then found a place to sit while I ordered the Cold Bestseller and Sea Amber Jelly for everyone to share.

And one thing I realized, they INCREASE THE PRICE!! It used to be RM5.50, now it's RM6. But when they served our desserts, I saw something that made me less pissed. They are now using PLASTIC bowls instead of STYROFOAM.

Sea Amber Jelly - RM 6.00

Cold Bestseller - RM 6.00

After all that, we still wanted more. Instead of getting another bowl, I brought them to another place for Bubble Tea. I haven't been there before too but decided to drive around because I knew which area in general.

Bubble Tea, Mentari Court

Managed to find it without making a wrong turn. Good instincts. Anyway, we parked and waited in line. Ten minutes later, we ordered our drinks. Then, this lady came and parked in front of the shop.

She was blocking the lorry. When he wanted to go out, he kept honking. I don't know what's wrong with her, she just ignored it. Deep in my heart, I wanted him to lose patience and force his way out (scratching her car). Wakkaka!

The Dumb Car owned by the dumb lady

The dumb lady (in red)

But, the lorry driver was better than that. He came down and asked me whose car is that. I then pointed her out. He then asked her to move the car. And all she did was wave sorry and move away.

Even if she didn't hear him honking, there is one thing I don't understand. Why didn't she park in the empty parking spot? Can't u just park there rather than block people car. And when they want to go out, you have to move your car. Sigh...

Anyway, our drinks were done and C paid RM17.50 for it. I tried C and K's drinks. Both of them were quite nice. If I pass by, I'll definitely drop by next time. :)

Explosion Red Milk Tea with Chocolate Pudding (mine) - RM 3.50

Explosion Green Milk Tea with Mango Pudding - RM 3.50

Snow Shaved Durian - RM 3.50

Ice Blended Cappuccino (no pearls) - RM 3.00

Chocolate Oreo - RM 4.00

Collected our drinks and drove back towards the Federal Highway. Then, this bus CAME INTO MY LANE and nearly scratched the car. I quickly stopped and let him go in front of me. WTF! If you want to switch lanes, at least SIGNAL. Brainless!

Stupid bus!

After I took the picture, I realized there was a guy bending down with his @ss facing the road. Haha, you can see that in the picture! Lesson to be learned here. "Don't do anything embarrassing in public, you never know when someone's gonna take a picture". XD

As expected, we got caught in the jam for about half an hour. Luckily, my cup of milk tea was there to keep from losing my cool. Funny chats and nice music also aided that. What a great time. :D

Anti-Stress Drinks :)

Got back home at about 6.10pm and came up to write this post. Even at 8.15pm, I was still not hungry. Studied at little and took my shower after that. At about 9.30pm, mum bought food from McD.

I had a fillet-o-fish and an apple pie. After dinner, I came up and skyped for a while. Then, I watch the first episode of MOL (tvb drama).


It's 12.20am now and I shall end this post here. Goodnight :)


  1. love kwai ling gou! ^^ ah...welcome to KL^^ usually i'll let them just pass la. thier funeral.

  2. @Glo-w Hey, I'm from KL okay. What welcome! :P Most I'd do is say something sarcastic to them. But if it's my friend, he will SCOLD them. Wahahah

  3. Malaysians really boleh la at the driving and parking skills! Anyway i like the sea amber jelly photo. mouth watering!

    Dropping by from Lukey's Rantings

  4. @Lukey. Hello. Guess what, after she left, another car did the same. =.=

  5. WOW! such an eventful day with nice food! thanks for telling about the bubble tea. i stay nearby there and always saw that shop but never thought of finding out what it is.

    Going there soon!

  6. whoa, so nice. a day full of yummies! hahaha i want pearl milk tea now!

  7. @MsXeroz, No problem. Hope you will like the bubble tea. :)

  8. @Hilda Milda. Hello :) Where do you stay? I'm sure milk tea stalls are everywhere. Go get em! Haha

  9. 10 buck one guai lin gou? zomg expensive lerh

  10. @FiSh Well it's been this price for a long time already. I don't know where else to get it. Any suggestions?

  11. OMG!!!! Buble tea!! My favourite!!!

  12. @Lisa Haha, everyone like bubble tea. :D


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