Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Fault or Mine?

So after watching "The Backup Plan" with JW, we got into my car and drove to town. Destination, Mayflower Hotel. Earlier, I downloaded a few pictures from Google Maps and saved it into my iPod.

Once we reached Dataran Merdeka, JW's dad called. We told him we were nearby. We then missed the turning into Masjid India so we had to make another round to get back on track.

Followed the map till we saw "Semua House". Checked the map and decided to turn right. It was the wrong turn. So, we had to drive a while before we got back to Dataran Merdeka.

Whose fault is it? Me. Should've read the map properly.

We did this another 2 times before JW got angry at her dad for constantly calling and shouting at her. She called her mum to explain. Actually, her dad has every right to be shouting. Obviously he was VERY WORRIED. She understood the logic, but still cried.

Whose fault? JW. She should have stayed calm.

Still could not find the place. So I called Dad. Told him where I was and where I want to go. Then, he gave me a few directions. Had to ask him to stop because I couldn't hear him talk.

Whose fault? JW. She could have spoke softer and again, stay calm.

After following dad's directions, I ended back at the SAME PLACE! WTF.

Whose fault? Me. Should have filled dad with more details.

Thanked dad and drove another 2 rounds. Still could not find it. I then suspected that the building we keep seeing but can't reach is "Mayflower" hotel. Couldn't reach it because of the One-Way Street.

So, we drove ANOTHER round before we managed to finally REACH the hotel. JW's dad was already down there waiting. Said goodbye to her before driving off.

What did I learn today?
  1. Don't rely TOO MUCH on Google Maps.
  2. Better to recce if possible.
  3. A little more of the KL roads.

Oh, and that's not all...

Back home, I told mum roughly what happened and why it happened. Then, talked a little bit about JW. Then, mum told me that dad told her, I was sending "Julie's Mum back".


Whose fault? DEFINITELY ME!

Didn't really make things clear with my family. It's about time to MEET THE PARENTS! :)


  1. blame KL roads for being so darn confusing! lols... shouldn't really blame or point fault at anyone lah... when people get nervous, we don't tend to act logically... maybe it's time to buy a phone with GPS? :p

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. Hahaha, Lukey, I am not financially able to get a phone la. :P

  3. Meet the parents? Now I'm more excited about that! :p

  4. Me too. Gotta plan it well. XD

  5. lols. yerp semua hause is kinda difficult to spot. I've been there quite a few times and yet I still got lost. Plus KL signboard need a lot of improvements.

  6. I'm using a garmin gps navigator and that thing always fail me when driving around kl.. the voice navigator always tell me the opposite direction as in "go left" when i actually MUST go to the right.. sigh~* sometimes funny, sometimes so sickening..

  7. Hey ZH.. you're right, google maps are not that reliable.. you should get a phone with GPS installed in it. at least it'll recalculate your path when u made a wrong turn. seriously, the one in Nokia is the best!

  8. @Nana, It was easy for me to find Semua House. It's the hotel that was hard. Was so frustrated.

  9. @ajjah I thought Garmin is the best brand? Maybe it's just your device problem? Go send for service :P

  10. @Dila Thanks for the advice. But right now, I am not in the position to get a new phone. :(

  11. haiz...i m oso sigh with the KL roads!!! Esp.the signboards are just so complicated..no worry.. no nid to blame anyone..

  12. @Lisa I agree with you. Very complicated. Don't worry, I'm not blaming anyone. Just having some fun.


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