Monday, June 14, 2010

Unusual Day

Woke up at 12.30pm today and watched some TV. Came back upstairs to use the laptop. Then, J came up to tell me, we are going to PD tomorrow. Since tomorrow is our family day, it means I have to cover today and tomorrow's revision.

Anyway, I read one chapter of AI before taking my lunch. My sisters were watching Alice In Wonderland so I decided to join them. When the movie was over, I came back up to cover another 2 chapters.

At about 7pm, I took a nap. Got up at 7.30pm and thought of going to the kitchen for dinner. But, J told me that they told GM not to cook. So we were going out for dinner. Waited till 8pm before we drove out.

Mum brought us to Backofen in Hartamas. Dad was nearby too so he joined us after his appointment. I ordered Iced Cappuccino and Mushroom Toast. Coffee wasn't that great but the toast was good.

Iced Cappuccino - RM 5.00

Mushroom Toast - RM 10.00

Mum's Grilled Lamb - RM 16.00

E's Spaghetti Bolognese - RM 11.00

Tomato Soup (Soup of the Day) - RM 4.00

Garlic Bread - RM 4.50

Later, we ordered a few desserts. All of them were just okay. Nothing special. When we were done, we paid the bill and went back home.

Blueberry Tart - RM 3.00

Austrian Apple Strudel - RM 5.00

Imperial Tart - RM 4.50

There, I started uploading pictures and blogged. When I was done, I took my shower and continued studying.

It's 11.30pm now and I shall end this post here. Won't be able to blog tomorrow because I'd be in PD. Goodbye. :)

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