Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Long Day

"Gotta wake up soon, start the day with a happy thought". "Oh, why is the sky so bright?". "Shit". That's when I realized, M did not wake me up, and it is already 8am. Class starts at 8.30am. Damn!

Quickly showered and got dressed. Drove to TPM and parked my car. Then, walked over to ENT3 for class. Was 30 minutes late. Ooops! :P

Java Tutorial ended at 10.30am. Then, we went to Sri Petaling in 1 car and ate our brunch at Hailam Kopitiam. I ordered the Nasi Lemak Biasa and a cup of Iced Hailam Coffee Special. Food was just okay. Love the crunchy Ikan Bilis. :)

Nasi Lemak Biasa - RM 5.80

Iced Hailam Special Roast - RM 2.90

Later, we paid the bill and drove back to college. Went to Java Lab Class and stayed there till class ended. Then, we came over to ENT3 and waited for our next class. Then at 2pm, SE class started.

Lecturer finished the class at 3pm so we waited till 4pm before our next class started. Then, Mr Jawad came and started the lecture. Finally at 6pm, we were allowed to go home.

Drove to Gardens and picked JW up. Then, I went home to drop my stuff there before driving to the Curve.

Once there, we then decided to have dinner at TGIF. Ordered the two course set meal which consists of Boneless Wings and Adobo Chicken. Later, we ordered a Mocha Mud Pie. The food here wasn't as impressive as expected.

2 Course Meal - RM 29.90

Mocha Mud Pie - RM 14.90

At about 8pm, we went to e@Curve to wait in line to collect our tickets and shirt. After that, we walked around till it was about 9.15pm. We then went back to e@Curve and got into the cinema hall.

NN Badge, Tickets, Shirt

Backup Plan Shirt

Movie was about 100 minutes long. After it was over, we went to the car and drove off. Dropped JW at the Mayflower hotel before driving back home. We had some drama but I'll blog about it in a separate post.

Once home, I quickly took my shower and started blogging. The Internet was EXTREMELY SLOW (0.1mbps) so I called Streamyx. The idiot (Zali) then told me, 0.1Mbps = 1000kbps, which means 1mbps. WTF!!

I then scolded him saying 1mb is 1024kbps and 0.1 means 102kbps! He still asked me to go do another speedtest to reconfirm. I told him the same thing again. Then, he decided to check the system.

Moments later, he told me my line's status is "Session Hang". I told him "So what can I do?" and he told me the SAME THING! Had to ask "Now how can YOU FIX IT?". Then only did he answer "I'll reset your port, please wait 5 minutes". Asked him for his name and thanked him.

About 10 minutes later, I ran the speed test and it said. "0.41mbps". Tried calling TM but they put me on hold for about 5 minutes. Put down the phone and I continued calling and calling. Five minutes later, I decided to continue blogging.

15 minutes later, I ran the speedtest again. This time, it CAN'T even run the TEST! Called TM for about 5 times before I got through to the technician. He did the basic troubleshooting and it didn't help much. Back to 0.4mbps.

Guess I'll just have to bare with this till tomorrow. It's pass 3am already but I'm still waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Will sleep then...


  1. that's a good example of TM technical support staff with minimal technical knowledge.. speechless..


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