Friday, June 4, 2010

Bad @ss Coffee of Hawaii, Tropicana City Mall

So we ended up at Tropicana City Mall for lunch. After walking around, we decided to give "Bad Ass" a try. The deco was quite pleasant. There was Hawaiian music playing too.

Bad @ss Coffee, TCM

The @ss!

Their style was like Starbucks so we had to go to the counter and order. I had a Braised Beef Ribs. M ordered a "Sandwich Island" while J ordered the Fish and Chips Combo (comes with drink and large doughnut).

So we collected the drink and doughnut as that was ready. Tasted the orange juice but it wasn't that great. The large doughnut was good but COATED with sugar!

Orange Juice and Large Doughnut (from set) - RM 0.00

The doughnut is larger than my palm!

After that, M's sandwich and my Beef Ribs arrived. The ribs looked MUCH bigger in the menu. Also, the fries SUCKED! Even with lots of salt and pepper, the fries still can't be saved. BUT, the RIBS were VERY TENDER and DELICIOUS!

Sandwich Island - RM 6.90

Braised Beef Ribs - RM 16.90

We then wondered what happened to J's lunch. Upon checking, they told us the kitchen messed up the order. Even after M and I finished our lunch, it still wasn't here.

Exactly 21 minutes after our food came, only did they serve the "Fish and Chips". Thank goodness they DID NOT charge us Service Charge or we would've make a BIG FUSS!

Fish and Chips Combo - RM 16.90

And when they gave us the plate, all the guy did was say "Sorry". When mum asked if they could give us "something as a token of good will", he just walked away. Either he didn't understand us, or he was deaf. :S

And since they claimed to have the World Famous Coffee, I decided to give it a try. Ordered their Ice Blended Granita (Coffee Drink). Wanted the largest size but they said they "ran out". So, I stuck to the 16oz cup.

Ice Blended Granita - RM 12.90

It was really cold and I couldn't taste much coffee. Fortunately I did not order the larger cup. For the price, I could have gone to Starbucks and get myself a much better drink...

If you ask me, I'd probably come again. BUT, I'll just order the Braised Beef Ribs and have my drinks at somewhere nicer like "Each-a-Cup".

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  1. nanged! ;D i didnt know that dishes at tropicana city mall could be cheap too ;D

  2. Hey FiSh, I disagree with you. Those dishes are overpriced. Not cheap at all!

  3. Ohhh... quite nice also leh... I shall go try one day... :D

  4. haha.. bad ass la.. making me feeling hungry =P

  5. Yep, its overpriced. But nice. What to do?

  6. Laparnyaaaaa :(
    You're a bad ass lor. LOL

  7. Lol! Cool name!! Bad Ass! :D

  8. Looking so yummy! Got me drooling!

  9. woot cool name but price toooo much

  10. woah that coffee is expensiveee. :)

  11. I want one their regular customer. In fact they gave me the VIP card which get 20% discount.

    I suggest try their koffee kooler instead. For me the fried rice and bad ass toast are definitely worth a try.

  12. Haha, thanks Spectre and Shuwen for agreeing :D

  13. @Nick, What did u have to do to get the card? Maybe I'll go try those on my next visit. Haha, maybe bump into u :)

  14. Bad Ass - what a nice name.... ;-p

  15. The doughnut is so big for me.... but it looks so yummy....

  16. @Kisahsensasi. Yeah, the name was what attracted me to try it.

  17. @Hazman. It is actually quite worth it too. Just RM4.00 :)


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