Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He's In Trouble!

Got up at 10am today and had cereal for breakfast. Used the laptop till AC called to confirm our lunch. Then, I started getting ready. Just before I left, I turned on the laptop again to do something for dad.

Later, I drove on to Puchong for lunch with the others. We went to this restaurant in Puchong named "Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong". There, we ordered a plate of Char Siew, and a plate of Siew Yoke. AC ordered porridge, AL had Siew Mai (which HAD prawns) and I ordered Steamed Lotus Rice.

Char Siew - RM 20.00

Siew Yoke - RM 20.00

Porridge - RM 4.00

Siew Mai - RM 4.00

Steamed Lotus Rice - RM 4.00

Lunch was just average but the price was over the top. Should stick to Grill King or KungFu PanMee next time. Anyway, we paid the bill and went for class.

Moments after we settled down in class, a stranger entered our class. We figured that he was here to monitor our lecturer's performance. According to AL, he saw the guy shake his head many times. xD

Anyway, class ended an hour later and we hung around till 3.50pm. Then, we walked over to ENT3 for our last class of the week. The tutorial ended at 5.30pm and we went back home.

Got back by 6pm and I had some chocolate before going upstairs. Used the laptop till 7.30pm. Then, I went down for my dinner. Later, I came up and revised on a chapter of JP.

When I was done, I took a shower and went downstairs to play with XZ. Part of DGG and SS's family were here. After they left, I came up to cover one more chapter.

At about 10pm, I started writing this post. It's 11pm now and I shall end this post here. Will be at Genting tomorrow so I probably won't be able to update my blog...

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