Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out of the House

Mum woke me up at 11am and asked me to get ready. I did get up, but I used my laptop instead. She then came back from picking the girls at 11.20am. M and I then quickly changed before mum brought us to Betty's Midwestern Kitchen for lunch.

After lunch, we went back home. Just as our laptops started to warm up, we already had to get dressed and go out. Once we were ready, Mum, Dad, M, E and I hopped into the Avanza. We then drove to Auditorium DBKL and watched "Sparks of Broadway".

Sparks of Broadway

The show was better than I expected. They kept singing song after song. I prefer this rather than watching some story/musical. Enjoyed most of the performances except a few solos. Choreography was fun. :)

Show ended at about 5.20pm and we drove back home. We only had 40 minutes to laze around before hopping into the Avanza again. Dropped J off at her friends house before going to The Sphere, Bangsar South.

The Sphere

View from the second floor

Once there, we decided to eat at Little Taiwan. After scanning through the expensive menu, I finally ordered the Salted Chicken Set. It was expensive and yet it didn't even taste good. Sigh.

Salted Chicken Set - RM 13.90

Later, we went to San Fransisco Coffee. We ordered 2 Extreme Chocolate and 2 Extreme Latte. Both were on Buy1Free1 promotion. So, we only paid about RM30+ for 4 drinks.

2 cups of Large Extreme Latte - RM 15.50

2 cups of Large Extreme Chocolate - RM 15.50

Sat outside and finished our drinks before driving home. Once home, I started blogging till it was 10pm. Took my shower before I continued writing this post.

Anyway, it's 10.40pm already. I shall end this post now and go study. Night.


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