Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Port Dickson Trip: Day 02

The doorbell rang at 8.30am and dad answered it. It was M. She asked me to get up and go for breakfast. So, I washed up, got dressed and followed Mum and M to the Main Building. GM already came back from the buffet.

Since there were only 4 tickets, dad brought J and E out for breakfast at a nearby Mamak stall. Once we got to the restaurant, Mum and M realized that they did not bring their tickets. So, they went back to get it while I waited in the lobby.

About 5 minutes later, they came back with their tickets. This time, the staff told us to go up to the ballroom for the buffet instead because there were too many people down at the restaurant.

There wasn't much deco in the ballroom. The only things there, were tables and chairs and a few buffet tables. There wasn't much choice of food here and the food was barely edible. My advice, stay here, don't eat here.

Baked Beans, Hash Brown, Ham, Sausage

Beef Bacon

Honeydew and Watermelon


Fried Egg

Went back to the room after breakfast and relaxed on the bed till 12.30pm. Then, we started packing for the check-out at 1pm. Gathered everything and went to the lobby. Checked out and made our way home.

We stopped by this restaurant named "Lucky PD Seafood" to have the Curry Chicken in Bun. There, we ordered 2 plates of noodles, and the Curry Chicken in Bun. Food was just okay though. Nothing impressive.

Lucky PD Seafood

Lucky King Bun

Herbal Tea - RM 1.70

Kong Nam Noodles - RM 18.00

Hokkien Fried - RM 7.00

Curry Chicken in Bread - RM 25.00

After lunch, we drove to Seremban and bought Siew Pow. Then, dad drove us home. On the way back, M and I watched an episode of MOL. At about 4.30pm, we finally got home.

Used the laptop to upload pictures and blog till about 6.30pm. Then, the TM technician came over. He didn't manage to do anything because the phone line was faulty. So he went back to report on this. I called TM to fix the problem too.

At about 8pm, I had my dinner and came upstairs to study. Stopped at about 9.30pm to get some snacks. Continued studying and chatting till it was 11.30pm.
scolded MY b*tch and got into a lil fight on FB
Wrote this post till now, 12am. I'm gonna end this post here. So, goodnight. :)

In case you missed it, click here to read Day 1.

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