Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Mum brought us to this restaurant called "Betty's Midwest Kitchen" for lunch. This place is in Aman Suria. For directions, click here.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

So we sat down and ordered looked at the menu. I then decided to order the Beer Batter Fish. Mum shared the Soft Ribs with E and J. M had a "Jucy Lucy" and we also ordered a Classical Meatloaf to share.

Mum had their Lemonade while I decided to try their "Must Have" Root Beer. The root beer cost RM 5.50 and I thought it would be something special or huge. To my disappointment, it wasn't that great nor was it huge. It was the same size as thez Lemonade. WTF!

Root Beer - RM 5.50

Lemonade - RM 2.50

The second disappointment was my Beer Batter Fish. I expected it to taste like beer. But, it was just like any other batter. It's quite an unhealthy dish too, nothing was green in the plate!

Beer Batter Fish - RM 22.00

Mum's soft ribs came next. She said she loves it but I didn't. It tasted bland to me. I prefer the one in Bad Ass Coffee.

Grilled Soft Ribs - RM 25.50

Our Classical Meatloaf then arrived. The mashed potato was GOOD! Love the texture and sauce. The meatloaf was nice but had a little weird taste to it. This dish is worth paying for. :)

Classical Meatloaf - RM 15.00

M's burger came last. It has HOT cheese INSIDE the patty. As she was eating it, I saw sauce dripping down the burger! Must have been JUICY! Should try this too.

Jucy Lucy - RM 13.50

After our meal, we wanted dessert. So, we tried their Apple Crumble. I expected the crumble to be in a bowl. But, they just layered it on the plate and put 2 scoops of ice cream on top of it. It was just okay. Could have been better if the crumble was crunchier and if they made the apple more sour.

Apple Crumble - RM 8.00

Overall, the deco and environment here is good. And if I ever come back, I'll definitely order the Meatloaf and Lemonade. Feel free to come try their other specialties though. :)

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  1. yummeh, i love apple crumble!

  2. @ajjah then you should go to DELIcious and try. :)

  3. i saw few ppl bloging bout this place...i want to nice..and tat apple tempting...

  4. wow...the food here looks delicious ...nice pics

  5. @v!vi@n Haha, you should go try it then :)

  6. @vialentino Thanks :) It wasn't too great though


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