Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June!

Woke up at 7.30am today and had cereal for breakfast. Later, I showered and got dressed before driving off to APIIT. Walked to ENT3 and saw other people in class. Called J and she told me class was 9.30am not 9am.

So, I waited there while my friends joined when they came. Even at 9.30am, the lecturer wasn't here. AC called the scheduler and asked him to find out where our lecturer is. Mr Jawad, our AI lecturer then took his sweet time to arrive.

In the end, our class started at 10.30am. One whole hour after the "planned" time. WTF! Idiot! Anyway, lessons went on till 1pm. Then, we went up to DNL and bought food. My usual vege wasn't available so I took a different one (which sucked).

Vege, Beancurd, Curry and Rice - RM 4.00

Iced Nescafe - RM 1.70

Brought it back to the class and finished our lunch there. Later at 1.45pm, we went over to our next class for Java. Class ended at 3.30pm and we went home after that.

On the way home, FlyFm said that it was World Milk Day. Got back at about 5pm but it was raining heavily. Turned off the modem and watched the remaining episodes of DH. At 6.30pm, I used the laptop for another hour before taking my shower.

Then, I went downstairs to join E and Mum for dinner. Stayed downstairs for a short while to watch Oprah before making a firm decision to come back up and study. And so, I studied. It's very satisfying that I have gone through 2 chapters. :)

Played eRO for a while before starting to write this post. Anyway, it's 11.10pm already. I shall end this post here. Goodnight.

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