Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Woke up at 9.15am today and had my breakfast. Used the laptop for a while before getting ready for college. After that, I drove to TPM and went to ENT3 for class.

At 12.30pm, class finally ended. ZS, AC and I then went to IOI Mall. Bought tickets to watch A-Team at 2.30pm. So before watching the movie, we went to Papa Johns.

All of us ordered the Set Lunch which comes with a cup of Pepsi. I had the Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti, ZS had the Marco Polo Spaghetti, and AC had the 6 inch pizza.

Pepsi (from set)

Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti - RM 9.90

Marco Polo Spaghetti Bolognaise - RM 9.90

6 Inch Pizza - RM 9.90

The food here is quite good. The pizza was too small if you ask me. Also, they served a small plate of MELTED BUTTER which smelled so good! Unfortunately, we did not have any use of it. Same goes for the green chili.

Chili and Butter

After lunch, we went up to GSC and waited for another 5 minutes before we could go in. We went to Hall 9 and was disappointed to see the floor without carpet and also the seats weren't arranged like a stairs. It was just FLAT ground...

Screen is above eye level...

Seats are at the same level...

Movie started 10 minutes later. Was a good Comedy/Action movie. Everyone should go watch it. Lots of organized missions which keeps things interesting. Story line was kinda predictable though.

The movie ended at about 4.30pm and I dropped ZS home. Didn't have small change to pay the parking. So, I gave the machine RM5. Next thing I heard was "CLING CLING CLING CLING...". RM 3.50 worth of change and most of them were 20 cents! WTF!

Got home an hour later and ran the SpeedTest. Was happy to see that it is back at 0.81mbps. Used the laptop for a while before going downstairs.

Read a few chapters of E's "Mr. Midnight". The moment I wanted to take a nap, the doorbell rang. It was people from TM. This time, 3 of them came. They then helped us connect another phone line to our house.

Men at work

At about 7.15pm, everything was done. Tomorrow another technician will come to activate the UniPack. Anyway, I finished up today's study material before having my dinner.

Then, I took my shower and read the rest of "Mr Midnight". Came upstairs at 10pm to watch an episode of MOL. Used the laptop to blog and chat for a while.

It's 12.05am already and I'm going to end my post here. Goodnight.


  1. Once I saw the pickles with cheese (is it), i knew it's Papa John's! :)

    - Dila.13

  2. Hey dila. You are RIGHT! hahaha


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