Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Did Not Watch Toy Story 3 in 3D

Woke up at 11am today and used the laptop for a short while. Then at about 11.45am, I followed mum to BV. We went to d'lish and had brunch there. Mum and I share one Big Brekkie. Wasn't that full though.

Big Brekkie - RM 22.80

Later, we drove back home and I used my laptop till it was 3pm. Went downstairs for some snacks before I came up again. At 4pm, we got ready to go out. Then at 4.30pm, mum drove all of us to Gardens.

After parking, we walked over to GSC and watched Toy Story 3. It only cost RM 7.50 instead of the 3D screening which costs RM 18.50. It was more ACTION/THRILLER than COMEDY. Didn't expect this. But, it was still a great movie. :D

Movie ended at 7pm and we went to Saint Cinnamon. Bought 4 cinnamon buns and brought it home. Back home, I used the laptop till it was 8.40pm.

4 Different Flavors

Had some rice with vege for dinner. Had a cinnamon bun too. Came back upstairs to do some work. Then, I took my shower. Also, I watched 2 "Make up" videos. Never thought I would watch these videos.

Anyway, started blogging till 11.15pm. Went down for some snacks and drinks. Gonna end this post here. Goodnight.

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