Monday, June 7, 2010

Similar Meals on a Monday

Woke up at 10am today and used the laptop for a while. Had cereal for breakfast and came upstairs to shower. When I was done, I drove to APIIT. Went to the lab and waited till we could go in. Did some Java.

Class ended at 1.10pm and we went over to DNL as usual. Took some taufu, vege and curry as usual. But today, I only paid RM 3.50. It was actually a miracle because I took more than usual and was ready to pay RM 5 for it. :D

Taufu, Vege, Curry and Rice

Later, we went to class for SE. That class ended at 3.30pm and we waited for another half an hour before the other lecturer came. He then wasted 40 minutes talking to a student. Finally at 4.40pm, he started the class.

After about an hour, class ended. We quickly walked to our cars because it started drizzling. Got back home at about 6pm and I stayed downstairs to eat some junk food.

Came up to use the laptop before I had dinner. I then realized I'm having what I had for lunch. Just a little variation. This is a different vege and there is some meat in the taufu. :S

Taufu, Vege and Rice

Later, I came up to read one chapter of SE. Then, I took my shower and watched Glee with my sisters. After that, I came back up to read another chapter of SE.

When I was done, I started writing this post. It's 11,15pm now and I shall end it here. Goodnight.

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