Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driving Here, Driving There

M woke me up at 7am today. Washed up and sat in the car while she drove to school. Later, I drove the car back home. Used the laptop for a short while before going back to sleep. Woke up again at 9.40am to have breakfast.

Then at about 10am, I left to her and drove to town. Picked JW up from Maytower. Then, we drove to Gardens. After parking, we walked over to GSC and bought tickets to watch "Knight And Day".

Movie was just average. Not too funny, not too much of action. My advice, better not watch it in the cinema. Save your RM7 to watch A-Team or Toy Story 3.

After the movie ended, I then brought her to Damansara Heights. Drove around till we found "Chef & Brew". Parked underground and walked to the restaurant.

They had this set lunch promo. So, I ordered the Fish Set. JW had the Chicken Fillet and a Caramel Latte. We also ordered garlic bread to share.

Complimentary Bread & Butter

Garlic Bread - RM 1.40

Set Menu - RM 16.90

Iced Coffee (from Fish Set)

Mushroom Soup (from Fish Set)

Fish Fillet with Nyonya Sauce (from Fish Set)

Coleslaw (from Fish Set)

Potato Coils (from Fish Set)

Mini Chocolate Cake (from Fish Set)

The cake is so SMALL!!

Grilled Chicken Fillet with Roast Sauce - RM 17.90

Caramel Latte - RM 7.90

The mushroom soup from the set was good. My Fish was okay but a little weird. That is because the "Nyonya Sauce" is actually "Satay Sauce". Coleslaw wasn't good but I liked the potato coils. The iced coffee was good but the cake was so TINY!

Later, we paid the bill and drove off. Took the wrong turn and ended up deep in town. Wasted about 45 minutes to get back on track. Then, we drove on to the Subang KTM Station. JW went down to buy her tickets to KL for next Saturday.

Then, we went to Sunway for about an hour. Later, we drove back to the Maytower hotel. That took us about an hour due to the jam. It then took me another hour before I reached home. All thanks to the construction at Jalan Travers.

Back home, I used the laptop for a while. Then, I went downstairs for dinner. Came back up to work on my assignment. Didn't really do much today though.

At about 9.30pm, I followed mum to Starbucks. There was some event there. So, we went to Delicious instead. Ordered a Classic Chocolate Cake and it was GOOD (for today). And just when we were going to pay the bill, the manager came to say "It's on the house". :D

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 0.00

After that, we went back to Starbucks and wanted to have a drink. But, the cashier said they were closed for the day. So, I told mum to go home.

Back home, I sorted out my emails with MSN's Folder function. That took me about half an hour. Then, I started blogging till now.

It's 12.30am and I shall go to bed now. Gonna meet AC tomorrow for assignment. :)


  1. i'm still going to watch it (knight and day) since it's been awhile since i saw cameron diaz on the big screen. and i kinda like cruise too, particularly after his cameo in tropic thunder. do u know they are making a movie out of his les grossman character in tropic thunder?

  2. Gotta go try it out someday... if can la...lolz

  3. @k0k, The movie was okay. Yeah, I heard the news too. Also, Tropic Thunder was FUNNY! :p

  4. @Jaerragus, when there's a will, there's a way. :)

  5. @SonnyKazu, Yep. You can check out my review on this place. Click here. Good Food :)

  6. never ate a 16.90 set lunch before

  7. @DoriLukey Really? But this one is quite worth it compared to the ala carte items.

  8. Aigooo.... more delish food!
    I'm so hungry now~ =.="


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