Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My KARATE KID Experience

I got a pair of invites to the KARATE KID premiere thanks to Nuffnang. So at 7pm, M and I drove to MidValley. Took us 10 minutes to find a nice parking spot. Then, we walked to GSC. To our surprise, there wasn't any queue there yet.

We didn't want to be the first ones to queue there. So, we walked to RedBox and made a reservation for tomorrow. While walking, I texted JW and asked her to confirm the location from Nuffnang's website.

Just as we made the reservation, she called and told me. "YOU ARE AT THE WRONG PLACE!! IT'S IN GSC 1 UTAMA!!". There was only one thing we could do. RUSH THERE!

Quickly went to the car and drove to 1Utama. And since PS was already there, I called her and asked her to collect the tickets for us. As we approached TTDI, she texted me and said "Collected the tickets". PHEW!! I was SO RELIEVED!!

By the time we parked at 1Utama, it was already 8.10pm. We then went to French Connection and met up with PS. She then passed me the tickets before we went to A&W.

Ordered a Grilled Burger and they told me I gotta wait for it. So, I told them to give me the Chicken Sandwich that was already there. There was no empty table inside so we had to sit at one of the dirty tables outside.

Our Dinner

While eating, I was looking at the ticket. Then I realized. It printed "FREE SEATING". OMG!! In that case, we gotta be there by 8.45pm since it starts at 9pm!!

2 Tickets to KARATE KID


So, we munched down our food as quickly as possible. Managed to get to the cinema by 8.45pm as planned. But, there was a long queue outside the cinema.

At about 8.55pm, they started letting people in. But before that, there were 3 counters at the side. I saw people going there, so I went there too.

They then told us to GIVE them our PHONES. And make sure it is TURNED ON. Cameras and bags weren't allowed too. Each item was kept in an envelope and they gave us a piece of paper that matched the envelope.

After that, went on and saw many people in line ahead of us. I wanted to slap myself for wasting time at the "Phone Counter". Thankfully, at least half of the people hadn't surrendered their phones. So, they had to go back to the counter before they could proceed. HAHA :D

When it was our turn, they used metal detectors to scan our body. It beeped at my pocket and I took my wallet out to show him it was just the coins.

Went into Hall 3 and it wasn't really packed. Found a nice spot to sit and patiently waited for the movie to start. Finally at 9.30pm it started.

I came up with four personal opinions. Shall not elaborate further as it is better if you watch it yourselves. Anyway, the 4 are...
  1. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (producers of the show) bought Jaden Smith (male lead, also their son) a kiss (on screen kiss).
  2. They are trying to portray the Chinese as racists and bullies.
  3. They think Ancient Chinese Healing is BETTER than Modern Medicine.
  4. Base on many inaccuracies, this movie is to 骗鬼佬 (Cheat Westerners).
Though there are some aspects I found untrue, unnecessary or illogical, I still ENJOYED the movie. Who wouldn't like an action/kungfu movie right? This movie was quite a long one. It only ended at 11.50pm.

*Forgot to mention, the sound system in Hall 3 was bad. At times, I could hear echoes of the speakers.*

And when we got outside, we saw MANY people in line to reclaim their belongings. We waited at least 10 minutes before we could get ours. But, I do think that they managed the whole situation very PROFESSIONALLY and everything was well ORGANIZED. Thumbs UP!

Collection booths (sorry for blur picture)

This is the amount of people AFTER we collected our phones

After I got my camera, I took a few pictures of the crowd. Then, we paid parking, got to our car, and went home. :)


  1. nice n3..visit mine if free k.;D

  2. Sigh this is the good thing living in a big city. Free tickets and most importantly, near to the event. Keke! I'm from Seremban, can't be traveling all the way to KL to watch a movie.

  3. wow~~ I never get a chance for premier screening. *sobs*

  4. Cool~ will check out the movie :D

  5. @RollingFumblingThug, awww. Maybe suggest to NN and ask them to have one in the outskirts. :)

  6. @renise, did u take part? Good luck for the upcoming one then :D

  7. @Bruce828. Hello, glad u liked it. See u around :)

  8. wow have to keep the phone everytime during nuffnang screenings rite? but why la ); phones couldnt record anything oso

  9. wow!!! good that u gt the tickets!!! i gotta buy and watch it sooner or later~~

  10. @Fish Of all the premieres I went, this was the FIRST time they collect our phones. Also, I'm pretty sure the latest phone (e.g. Sony Ericson Vivaz) is capable of recording good videos. :)

  11. @Lisa, Haha, thanks. My mum brought my other sister today. Both of them liked it too. Hope u will enjoy it also. :D

  12. Lucky you... Will check out the movie later!!!

  13. I was there too~ I find the movie very slow pacing and quite boring for me. XD

  14. so cool~~ I didnt get the tickets!! Thats bad!! :(~~

  15. @Jaerragus Hehe. Sure, hope you enjoy it

  16. @MsXeroz Ohh, I didn't really recognize anyone there. It was slow paced, but I still liked the action. Haha.

  17. @Azizan. Hey dude. Yup, there was many people there. I don't think anyone was smiling though. xD

  18. @Nicole, better luck next time. :)

  19. haha u actually surrender your phones..
    I js walked in, they check my bag but no scanning.

  20. Haha, cos we scared later go in, they ask us go out and surrender the phone again. Then get bad seats. So just to be safe, surrender lo :| Hahaha.


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