Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rav4, Oh, Rav4

Woke up at 9.50am and had cereal for breakfast. After showering, I drove to TPM. Parked and hopped into the shuttle van. Then, I walked to class. I was early for a change. So, I waited with a bunch of friends till the class was empty.

As always, it was a very serious class with Mr Siva. He explained on our assignment further. Then, he extended our class from an hour to 90 minutes. Finally at 1.30pm, class ended.

MY was outside waiting for us. Then, she sent AC and I to our cars. Later, she and AL went out for lunch. Meanwhile, AC, KW, ZS and I went to Puchong for lunch. KW and I had the same idea to eat at KungFu PanMee :D

So, we went there for lunch. I ordered the Hong Kong Siu Ji Pan Mee which turned out to be quite good. Since I was on "saving" mode, I didn't order any drinks. Stayed there to chat till it was 2.30pm before going off.

Hong Kong Siu Ji Pan Mee - RM 5.80

AC then went to meet his client while I sent ZS home and dropped KW at the LRT. By the time I got home, it was already 3.30pm.

Back home, I changed into my home clothes and started watching Glee. Five minutes into the show, E came up and told me that Dad was home. I had to turn the laptop off and go with Dad to collect the Rav4.

Got there at about 4.30pm but Dad's friend was having his tea break. When Dad called, that guy invited us to join him. So, Dad and I went to the nearby coffee shop and stayed there for about 20 minutes drinking Iced Coffee.

Then, we went back to the workshop. About another 15 minutes later, dad paid the bill and we drove home. While driving, I realized there will be some noise whenever my foot is on the accelerator. Dad tried it out and agreed too. So I guess it'll have to go back to the "Clinic".

It was almost 6pm when we got back. Continued watching Glee before getting ready to shower. Mum was in the bathroom so I played a game of AoM. When I was done, Dad was in the bathroom! :S

Then, I decided to have dinner. After dinner, I played another game of AoM before taking my shower. When I came out, I started writing this post till 10pm. Mum then asked me if I wanted to go for a drink. I agreed :D

We went to the OldTown outlet near Bangsar LRT. Couldn't find a parking spot so we ended up parking along the road. Mum and I then went in and ordered our drinks and a plate of toast. It wasn't that satisfying though.

White Coffee (Hot) - RM 3.20

Ice Cold White Coffee (Mocha) - RM 7.30

Kaya Butter Toast (Double) - RM 2.90

By the time we got home, it was almost 11.20pm. Continued writing this post till now. It's gonna be 12am already. I shall end this post as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. Tomorrow will be a long and fun day for me. Gotta sleep early. Night :D

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