Friday, April 23, 2010

Movies :D

Woke up at 9.15am today and had a coconut bun for breakfast. Later, I took a shower and drove over to Sunway. Picked JW and drove to Gardens. We then walked over to GSC and went into the cinema.

We were in the cinema at 11am sharp but still had to wait for the commercials to be over. At about 11.15am, the movie started. We were watching "When In Rome". The movie was quite fun and funny. :)

It ended at about 1pm. We then walked around and ended up at Saint Cinnamon. There, we ordered three cinnamon rolls to share. Stayed there for about 45 minutes before we continued walking around.

Chocolate Roll - Rm 3.60

Apple Roll - Rm 3.60

Walnut Roll - RM 4.50

Later, my mouth got itchy so we ate at "I Love Yoo". Ordered a "You Tiao" but it wasn't crunchy at all. Booo! After walking around for another 15 minutes, we finally decided to have lunch at Kim Gary.

You Tiao - RM 1.40

I ordered a Lunch set while JW ordered a Cheese Baked Rice Set. Mine was a plate of rice with Minced Meat, cream soup, and a cup of iced Milk Tea. JW's was a Cheese Baked Rice with Steak, cream soup, dessert, and a cup of iced Coffee.

Rice with Egg and Minced Meat (Set B) - RM 10.50

Cheese Baked Rice (Steak) - RM 16.90

Iced Coffee and Iced Tea (from set)

Cream Soup (from set)

Dessert (from CBR set)

After our meal, we walked around again. AC texted me and said they will be coming to MidValley for movie. So, both of us decided to join them for another movie, The Losers. So at 4.30pm, we went into the cinema hall.

The movie was good. It had the right mix of humor and action. "Don't Stop Believing" was used in the movie. :D It was fun. Besides that, the storyline was good throughout the movie except the ending. The ending was actually very anti-climatic. :|

At about 6pm, the movie ended. I then introduced JW to AC, AL, MY and ZS. AC had to go home so we didn't have any other activities after that. JW and I then walked around for a while more before driving to SS15.

We decided to try the food at this shop named "Noodles House". Ironically, the featured set here were both RICE! Rice with either Lemon Chicken or Black Pepper Chicken. For the drink, we could choose between Ice Lemon Tea or Ice Green Tea.

Black Pepper Chicken - RM 12.90

Lemon Chicken - RM 12.90

Iced Lemon Tea and Iced Green Tea (from set)

JW took the Black Pepper Chicken and Ice Lemon Tea while I had the Lemon Chicken and Green Tea. Her chicken and drink was actually quite good. On the other hand, the lemon sauce in mine was SUPER DILUTED! My green tea tasted like water too...

After dinner, we went to the KTM station because JW wanted to buy a train ticket back to Ipoh. Unfortunately, the counter was closed. I then sent her back to her hostel where I said goodbye and drove home.

By the time I got home, it was already 10pm. I quickly showered and started writing this post. It's already 12.05am now and I shall end this post here. I was right, today was a great day! :D


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