Friday, April 9, 2010

Penang Trip: Day 3

Woke up at 11.30am today and saw AC working on his computer. Woke the others up. While they washed up, I used the laptop. By the time all of us were done, it was already 12.30pm.

We loaded all our stuff into the car while AC checked-out. Then, we drove to Jalan Burma again because AC wanted to buy MORE nutmeg. After that, we made our way to the Jetty.

If I hadn't come here before, we would definitely not be able to find it. This time, they asked us to park our car on the TOP floor. o.O


Cars entering the top deck of Ferry

About five minutes later, the engine started and the Ferry moved. Nothing much to see here. We just went to the front and enjoyed the breeze...

Looking down...

Looking out...

Penang Bridge broken? (click to enlarge)

Private View from a Private Room (toilet :P)

AC taking pictures

ZS and KW

Groupie :D

Arriving at the other jetty

Ramp lowering...

At about 2pm, we arrived at the other jetty. We then drove around and found a McD Drive Thru. So, we drove in and got our lunch.

4 cups of Sprites

McChicken Burger

4 Chocolate Sundaes


We ate in the car while AC drove towards Ipoh. All of us were stuffed after our meal. Dozed off in the car for a while. Before we reached Ipoh, everyone woke up and started talking.

At about 3.40pm, we arrived at Ipoh. We then drove to Jalan Leong Sin Nam and located Foh San (famous dim sum place). As it was already 4pm, the shop was already closed...

Foh San, Jalan Leong Sin Nam

So, we rerouted the GPS and pointed it to the famous Yong Tau Foo under the Big Tree. This is often referred to as Dai Shu Gyok. Got there in 10 minutes and started ordering some Yong Tau Foo.

Dai Shu Gyok (Big Tree Foot)

Red Bean Blended

Green Bean Blended

Fried Fu Chuk (Yummy!)

Assorted Deep Fried Food

Laksa Soup (for dipping)

The Fu Chuk was really good! We dipped the Fu Chuk into the Laksa Soup and it was quite a good combination. The food here is also quite cheap. "Hung Dau Bing" was kinda overpriced though...

When we were done, we drove on to Kampar. AC decided to use the old trunk road so it took us quite a while to get there. Once there, we found the Curry Chicken in Bread and bought some for KW's family.

AC and I just ordered the Kaya Puff to try. It wasn't that great anyway. Well, at least it was enough to satisfy our itchy mouths. :P

Kaya Puff

We had another 100km to go before reaching home. Unfortunately, it started raining heavily and the sky turned dark. At one point, we could hardly see what was in front of us!

Blurry Vision and Dark Skies

So, AC decided to slow down (50-60kmph) and move to the middle lane. By the time we got back to town, it was already 8pm. From there, we drove back to ZS's house in Puchong. Traffic in town was heavy so we only go there at about 9.10pm.

Once at ZS's house, he unloaded his stuff and hopped into my car. I dropped him at IOI Mall while KW and AC drove home in one car. That marked the end of our Penang Trip...

Though it was a short one, and we didn't taste much good food, the four of us enjoyed each others company throughout this few days. Hopefully we can do this again in the future. :D

Click here to read AC's post for the last day of our Penang Trip.


  1. haha coz i geng ma.. can drive in heavy rain.. use "future-sight" one of pokemon attack.. LOL anyway nice trip though=]

  2. Self praise is no praise. BUT, self praise is BETTER THAN no praise. :P

    Yea man, nice road trip!


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