Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stupid, Don't Waste My Time!

Mum and dad both woke me up at two different times in the morning. They thought I was late for class. Finally got up at 9.30am and had Twiggies for breakfast again. Showered and got dressed before driving to TPM.

Parked the car and saw AC, AL and DY. We then took the shuttle van to APIIT. This time, he didn't want to send us to ENT3. So, we had to walk. Lecturer was 20 minutes late. And, he didn't really teach us much...

He ended the class early which gave us 90 minutes before our next class. I was excited because we could finally go out for lunch. But once we got out of the class, we realized it was raining heavily. So, we were stuck in ENT3.

Since we had no choice, we went to DNL again. This time, I took some rice, taufu and vege. That cost me RM4! WTF! Taking advantage of the rain! ARGH! But there really isn't much we could do. Sigh...

Taufu and Vege with Rice - RM 4.00

And because of the rain, the place was PACKED! Once again, we packed our food and went to eat in our class. We still had half an hour to kill after lunch. So we just hung around chatting.

At 1.45pm, the lecturer started his class. This lecture was just like the previous one. Pointless and boring. I wonder when will they start teaching "real" stuff. Some of my classmates were SLEEPING! Tsk tsk...

Finally at 3.30pm, the lecturer ended the class. We walked over to APIIT and took the shuttle bus. It passed by the parking area but it DIDN'T STOP! So we had to sit in the bus for another 10 minutes before it arrived back at APIIT.

When we confronted the driver, he said that we did not stand up. And since we didn't stand up, he assumed nobody wanted to get down. WTH is wrong with him?! How does he expect us to stand while the bus is moving?! IDIOT!

So we got down and took the shuttle van. This one brought us straight to the parking area. I then said bye to my friends before driving home. By the time I got home, it was already 4.45pm.

Used my iPod for quite some time before turning on my laptop. Played "Age of Mythology" for about an hour before I took my shower. Later, I continued playing while M watched an episode of "Heroes" and "Glee" in my room.

We had dinner at 7.45pm and I came up later to upload some pictures. While they were uploading, I continued playing AoM. Stopped at 10pm to upload another batch of old pictures.

At 10.20pm, I brought my laptop downstairs to upload more photos while watching Desperate Housewives. The show ended at 11.30pm and I came back upstairs to write this post.

It's 11.57pm now. Goodnight everyone. :)


  1. food are really expensive out there =/

  2. I can tolerate expensive. Expensive and Not Nice is what pisses me off. :|


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